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Chris Esser
A ham radio hobbyist, Unix systems architect and all around nerd. KC2RGW. Surly Ogre owner.
A ham radio hobbyist, Unix systems architect and all around nerd. KC2RGW. Surly Ogre owner.
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For weeks now, #Google     #Hangouts   has not been working properly at all when calling landlines.  The calls will just not connect.

I use #Hangouts from #Google  on a daily basis and have had to switch my calling to #Skype  instead.

Anyone else observing this?   #Hangouts  has been stone reliable up until recently.

Linux user here, Ubuntu 14.04 specifically, using Hangouts by stable channel Chrome as well.

Galaxy Note 2 - Sprint, is there a .zip with the GPS drivers in it?  I've tried all the mods to gps.conf etc with no luck, so I'm guessing there are missing drivers.  GPS works fine with many other ROMs.

Currently on CM11 nightlies, but it didn't work with 10 either.

Just tossed the nightly for CM11 on a SPH-L900 Sprint Galaxy Note 2.  Couple obvious bugs I'm seeing...where should I post these so people see the feedback?  

The stock browser doesn't run and even with Chrome installed, web links within apps launch the browser but never hand off the URL to load the content.

Good news, my GPS works again where it didn't with 10 and updating my modem/kernel to latest has fixed LTE performance quite a bit too.

So all the headlines about WhatsApp being picked up by Facebook had me wondering a few things.

I'd installed WhatsApp a while back but didn't really see the point due to already having SMS, Gtalk/Hangouts, Facebook messages, Skype and other alternatives.  I really didn't get why I would want yet another messenger app.

So now the big stir is over Facebook buying WhatsApp and the "security" issues implied.  So in the mix there are alternatives like Telegram being discussed so I went to check that app out.  When I went to install it, reviewing all the permissions it needed on my Android phone, the list was as invasive as the Facebook app.

I don't understand how, when an app needs access to all my contacts, my telephone activity, my GPS location, all my media account info and on and on, people can somehow consider it "more secure".

Google, Facebook, Waze, Linked-In, Telegram and on and on, have TOS agreements that pretty much give complete access to all of your activities, personal info, even information on your friends.  Pretty much none of these offer any slight bit of privacy.  The price we pay for using "smart" devices and the apps that make them useful.

I just don't like that some people seem to have a false sense of "security" in using some of these apps vs others when clearly there is very little difference.  To be fair to Telegram, it appears that maybe the content of my messages may be encrypted, but all the records of who I'm contacting, where exactly within a meter I was when I sent or received a message and the complete list of people in my contacts or whom I contact on the phone are all fair game for them to use and distribute as they please.  Frankly all of that is more invasive to me than the mundane content of my messages to people.

Read permissions carefully, read the TOSes you sign and click through, realize what you are exposing and don't be fooled to think on any of these mobile platforms you use or you send data to on the other side of your communications, that you have any privacy.  It's long gone.

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Brought in some sweetener for the office.

Hrmmm do I hate this yet?  I'm still not sure.  I really liked the old layout and the new single column option is rather horrible.  The double column is making it where I have to re-train myself to read....not loving that.  The design elements are pretty nice, but not sure I like the function of it.  #newlayout  

So here's something that drives me crazy.

I've got a phone, use it for mp3's and say I have 20G free to fill with music...figuring out exactly how many of the albums I have will fit in a mass-move selection ridiculously hard to do.

At least so far, in linux , among many GUI file managers, I've not found one that will allow you to multi-select "folders" and show you the total tally in size of what you are selecting.  

i.e. I want a running total as I ctrl-click folders to show me what the total selection capacity is so I can click up a pile and figure out as close to 20G as possible which ones I can keep or drop.

I wrote a bash script to copy a randomized list of files, up to an inputted capacity, but when I want to just plain load full albums, a GUI to just start making a shopping list would be so much easier.

Does anyone know of a file manager that will keep a running tally of multiple selected dirs?  One or two seem to do it if the structure is flat, e.g. a dir relative to the path with files, but do not track  dir/dir/dir/files in the count.  My stuff is all artist/album/tracks

Someone tell me this was solved by something by now?

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New Pete for the pile. Has nice flame grain all around and a nice even, tight birdseye on the heel.

Will break it in after dinner. 

Just an update to my fiddling around with the drugstore burley blends.  I've had pouches of Carter Hall, Prince Albert and Sir Walter Raleigh kicking around for a few weeks now.  I smoke so infrequently that I still have lots of each of them left too.

I've come to find that they all may be a bit too bland to wind up in any heavy rotation.  Of the three, a bit surprisingly as at first, Sir Walter had a strong lead, I've found that Prince Albert and Carter Hall are edging up the list.

I will say I recommend trying all of them if you haven't, it's really nice to find that there are easily accessible blends that aren't too over the top in flavorings and that burn cleanly enough not to 'ruin' a pipe.  Some of the other mainstream blends just absolutely soak a briar and will ruin a nice dry cake in a bowl, these three I've found don't do that nearly as much.

All three of these are very subtle smokes.  All three seem to taste best in a corn cob or a meer, as I haven't found the flavor as it develops when smoked in the same briar to be all that outstanding.  The flavor seems to flatten over time in a briar when I've smoked consecutive bowls.

Also, these three are best smoked on a clean palette, early in the day or the first smoke of the day if that means evening.  They won't compete following bowls of strong VAs or Latakia at all and will just taste like "smoke".  Also they don't smoke well in pipes where you regularly smoke Latakia blends either, the ghost is just too strong and it doesn't marry well with the largely burley base of these three.

I know a few of you have followed along a bit in trying these, I'm curious what you've found/felt about them?

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Heh, using a hammer to force technology into cooperation...

The results of the pipe bend survey, though the link via google docs should have worked.
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