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Locke Peterseim
Film writey, kinda pop-culture-y, smart assy guy from Iowa living in Chicago
Film writey, kinda pop-culture-y, smart assy guy from Iowa living in Chicago

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Spending this New Years Eve as I hope to spend all of 2012 -- watching movies, writing reviews (and trying to figure out how to get paid a living wage for doing those two things).

But if I get bored with all that by midnight, I'm going to booze up and set things on fire in the backyard.

I haven't mentioned this here on Google+ yet, but many of you heard the news over on Facebook and Twitter:

I am no longer working for Redbox/Redblog and going forward am available for all your film reviews, news and interview needs.

Tonight is my last theatrical screening of the year, but I just entered the first one of 2012 into the datebook. Onward.

I'm green-lighting two WAR HORSE sequels:
Combat Cow (set during the Civil War) and Battle Pig (set in outer space during the Future Space Wars)

Sometimes I'm reminded how different my life is from all my married friends'. A new mom on my feed posted "We have a crawler!" and my first thought was, "Zombie?"

My second thought was, "Millipede?"

I didn't want to be a total Grinchy Scrooge before, but now I can safely come out and admit it: I liked THE MUPPETS a lot, but didn't LOVE it.

I MELT WITH YOU is a whole lot more fun if you imagine it starring the cast of GROWN UPS.

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Happy END of "Black Friday"!

Jeez, Interwebs, settle down... A quarter of the way into I MELT WITH YOU I go to look up the soundtrack and instead get the whole spoilerific plot spelled out for me.

Ah, Iowa. Where "I can't drive 55" means, "I just feel more comfortable going 45."
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