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Incredible technology that decodes fine hand movement. These new ways of interfacing with technology and devices is absolutely fascinating. 
The Impact of Semantic Technologies

Suppose we could use a high frame rate capture to build a gesture pipeline and understand human intent? Preposterous as that sentence may sound, Google's Project Soli, does just that. 

This is an important piece of development even if it never sees the light of day because it exemplifies, exactly what semantic technologies are all about. The interface between human and machine, person and device, becomes intuitive, tactile, user-friendly. Instead of us learning a new programming language that would allow us to interface with the device, it learns to decode ours. Both, human and machine, gravitate towards the same space: usability. 

The device stops feeling like a machine and it becomes a tool, like a pencil or a pen, we use to achieve something. Yet, and here's the big difference, the device is not just learning, it is actually developing. It captures signals that will be used to make it better. It learns to understand the patterns of our behavior so that it understands the intent of our gestures. At that point, the device and ourselves, inhabit the same abstract semantic space. Its function and our intent are united by the same language. 

Semantic technologies will not just change our lives by allowing us to learn new things or do some things easier. They will change our lives by getting rid of the traditional machine/human barrier. In the Star Trek computer (to give an example Google search is emulating) the crew of the USS Enterprise never think that they are talking to an alien entity, an AI that may not think like they do. They use voice to interface directly certain that the intent of their question is perfectly understood, as is its context. Both the ship computer and the human occupants occupy the same cognitive space. Though they are different, that difference is not a barrier. :) 

Check out the Endgadget write up:

h/t +Zeke Cao who if he wasn't so darned smart I'd consider one of my clones. :) 

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Google Education on Air
Google Education on Air Conference. A free event happening May 8 and 9, 2015. Go here for more information:  

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This is an impromptu broadcast by Eric Brown at BodyworkBiz. He'll be answering listener questions, doing short webinars and interviewing special guests. 

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Test with Ryan

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This is a test broadcast

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Some great Next Generation Learning resources
Some great Next Generation Learning resources here: From a student’s perspective, next gen learning is... Personalized to the ways I learn best Flexible so that I can try different ways to learn Interactive and engaging so that I...

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This is my annual post where I look back on my year and reflect on all that's happened. 

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