The Chrome & Apps #io12 #keynote with +Sundar Pichai is starting soon! We’ll be live-editing this post with updates & announcements as they happen, and you can follow along with the live-stream at:

10:11am PT: Reflections on the incredible growth of the open web: 2.3B users & projected to have over 20B network connections by 2016 (>2.5 per person!)

10:12am PT: At I/O last year, 160M people were using Chrome. Today, over 310M people are using Chrome

10:13am PT: Chrome in a day: 60B typed words (or 100,000 books), 1 TB of files downloaded, and 13 years saved thanks to page pre-rendering

10:13am PT: 'users aren’t tied to one device’ - on building a consistent seamless Chrome experience for your web

10:15am PT: Welcome +Brian Rakowski, inventor of Incognito Mode, to demo Chrome features across devices

10:20am PT: Demo: syncing bookmarks, open tabs & history across laptop, Chromebook, phone & tablet

10:23am PT: You asked, we listened....Introducing Chrome for iPhone & iPad, bringing your web to iOS 4.3 and higher devices

10:25am PT: The web has changed since 2004: static websites replaced with dynamic, rich web apps like +Gmail thanks to AJAX & more. 425M people now using Gmail

10:25am PT: We didn’t stop with Gmail; also launched other web apps like Calendar, Docs, and Google Drive to help you live in the cloud. We call this ‘going Google’ 

10:25am PT: On consumerization of business -- “it's the same person using the device at home & at work” 

10:27am PT: Over 5M businesses have #gonegoogle

10:29am PT: Launched Google Drive 10 weeks ago; 10M+ users have signed up 

10:30am PT: Welcome +Clay Bavor, PM Director of Google Apps, to demo Google Drive across devices

10:31am PT: Excited to announce Google Drive on iOS & Chrome OS

10:35am PT: Demoing Offline Google Docs w/ full editing capabilities, available today

10:41am PT: Chrome OS: new devices are 3x faster with app-centric UI

10:41am PT: Chromebooks are the (always) new computer with updates every 6 weeks 

10:42am PT: Chromebooks coming to 100 +Best Buy stores across the US -- find one near you:

10:43am PT: Welcome +Urs Hölzle, SVP of Technical Infrastructure, to talk about Google’s infrastructure & computing products

10:47am PT: A new, flexible solution for developers: Google Compute Engine brings the power of Google’s infrastructure to your apps where & when you need it

10:55am PT: In addition to infrastructure, the entire web platform has evolved drastically; check out Evolution of the Web visualization here:

10:57am PT: Games push the web platform forward. Demo: Bulletstorm, console-quality game delivered via the Gaikai platform 

10:58am PT: Lots of console games also moving to the web -- Bastion, From Dust, and more

10:59am PT: Fun stat - over 140M people have played +Angry Birds in Chrome 

11:04am PT: Welcome +Cirque du Soleil to demo an immersive web experience called #MoviKantiRevo -- more info at:

11:09am PT: “Can’t wait to see what you do you next” -- reflections on the journey that we’ve taken so far together - video:

11:16am PT: Hope you enjoyed our coverage of the Chrome & Apps #io12 #keynote -- you can read more on the Chrome Blog:
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