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Mark Barrett
Freelance Search & Social Media Marketing Consultant
Freelance Search & Social Media Marketing Consultant

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Check out the details of our latest client website, built for BOSS Professional Services.

Celebrating the Madness #chasethechaos

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RIP Claire Squires who died running for charity in the London Marathon. A terrible tragedy, heartened to see that people are donating to her charity in her memory!

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is all grins after hearing I made it to numbers 2 & 3 on the @MarketingB2B most read blog posts of 2011 - Yay!

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No.1 on That Film Guy's top 30 horror's is the Exorcist! Check out the review and full 'top 30'. Happy Halloween!

Irritating to see Facebook continuing their descent into chaos. Now released an unstable iPhone app update. Round of applauds guys!

Seems the dam may be bursting on G+, just had a load of people add me to circles. Viva la revolution! Is it time to re-focus my social activity and focus on G+?

What did Facebook just do?!? My homepage looks like Mark Z just dropped every idea he's ever had onto it! To call it a cluttered mess would be insulting to cluttered messes! G+ going out of beta seems to have moved Facebook to defcon 5!

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An interesting take on the future of Google+, now that it's out of beta.

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anyone want to get involved in a bit of free fantasy football (soccer for the U.S types) sign up here and join my league using code: 709220-180517 That is all!
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