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Ali Workentin
Lovin' the Lord and Serving Him Wherever We Go!
Lovin' the Lord and Serving Him Wherever We Go!

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God is Teaching Me
I woke this morning before the alarm went off thinking about today  and all the things that need to be done ~ changeover meeting ~ all staff meeting ~ pick up boys from school (two trips) ~ boys to swim tests ~ house meeting to check in with the boys ~ watc...

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Accepting the Challenge
The Challenge: I heard the Lord say "So are you going to just  keep floating along or are you going to accept the challenge to do something? to do what your passion is? to follow where the Lord has opened windows?" This morning I woke up early, early for a ...

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Being Challenged
Sometimes I find myself questioning what I am doing ~ I believe we are where God wants us to be ~ House Parents here at the Methodist Boys Ranch yet then my mind begins to wander and wonder if we should be somewhere else? Doing something else? Seeing only t...

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Better to Give than to Receive
““In this way we remember the Lord Jesus’ words: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” ” Acts  20:35  (ceb) Franklin sits on an empty milk crate on Fulton Street, a block down from my subway exit near the World Trade Center. I don’t know his whole ...

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Fluid and Flexibility
I have been told this my whole life!!! And so I continue to learn how to be Fluid  & Flexible!! We worked our three weeks on, three weeks doesn't sound like much but 21 DAYS!!! now that's a long time. We had 19 GREAT days!!! The 20th and 21st days were a bi...

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Easter with the Boys
This morning we were up early as the chapel services started at 8:30 AM. Surprised they all got up without any complaints. The chapel service was a bit different as we are just not used to Rap music celebrating the Risen Lord. The message was great ~ it was...

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End of Day has Come
What a roller coaster ride today has been! First off the mountain top ~ 6 of our 7 boys met the requirement to go on the weekly outing.  Much better than last week where only two earned it!! Down to the valley ~ finding dip, dip cans and spit bottles on the...

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An Emotional Day
My day has been filled with tears and more tears. Feeling lost and discombombulated. Missing sweet fellowship with other believers Heard ~ dreaming that will happen Anxious ~ about most everything today Missing girl talks, coffee dates, and having a couch t...

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Answering an Important and Often Asked Question
I posted this on Facebook last evening ~ "I need to talk to a lawyer preferably one in Texas who knows the laws regarding slander and false accusations." As well asking for prayer for chaotic situations here in our unit over the past 24 hours. Ron and I app...

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Where did three weeks go?? We traveled 2949.2 miles in 18 days 17 nights, 13 of which were travel days. We traveled through Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi  and Louisiana!!! We put our toesies in the Gulf of Mexico got and gave lots ...
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