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Redy Apps is behind Redy Gym Log and Redy Movies: Two lifestyle apps that aim to make your everyday a little easier with a clean and easy UI.
Redy Apps is behind Redy Gym Log and Redy Movies: Two lifestyle apps that aim to make your everyday a little easier with a clean and easy UI.


A new version is available for beta testers.

- The set timer notification sound can now be customized
- Graph choices are now sticky
- Workout summary added under history (premium feature)
- New setting: Enable/disable Android Wear
- Automatic backup is now a free feature


Android Wear support is here! Just released the new version to beta.

I've kept the wear UI as simple as possible. To activate the wear part of the app, navigate to a routine using the phone. Now you can flip through the exercises on the watch and - of course - log and edit sets as well. The rest timer is also shown on the wear device. Let me know what you think. :)

A new beta is finally ready! The app has been given the material design treatment. It is fully functional but there might be some minor visual inconsistencies around the app. All feedback is very welcome!

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Just a quick update as I'm busy working on the next version of Redy Gym Log. :)

Lately I've been working on a complete re-design of the app based on the material design principles. This is the result so far.

Also coming up are an exercise goal/target feature, more stats and just an over all more modern look and feel. First beta is coming out soon so you can try it out yourselves.
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Protip! Adding supersets or trisets is a great way to boost your workout. Adding supersets/trisets to Redy Gym Log is easy, simply add the exercises dedicated to supersets or trisets to your routine again (see photo) so you can distinguish them from the normal version of the same exercise. After that, make sure to sort the exercises so they're next to each other in the routine. This makes it easy to swipe between them when logging the superset/triset.
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Final beta for version 1.9 has just been released. It includes these changes:
- The most recent set is now visible in the notification bar (can be turned off under settings).
- Rest timer countdown available in the notification bar.
- Improved Excel export - notes and time as well as date is now included.
- Bug fixes.

Enjoy! :)

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Redy Gym Log is the only workout tracking app for Android supporting Google Fit. Make your workouts a part of your Google Fit feed. After a workout is completed click the "share" button, select "Google Fit" and your workout will appear in your Google Fit feed shortly after. #googlefit  
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The final beta version for the 1.8 release is out. It includes these major changes:

- Google Fit integration. Post your workouts as Google Fit activities.
- Redy Gym Log now supports multiple workouts on the same day.
- When you achieve a new personal best this is now emphasized with an animation and a reward icon

I've just uploaded the first Redy Gym Log beta version! It includes these changes:

New launcer icon
Date format follows device selection
It is now possible to disconnect from social networks under settings
Rounding error when using imperial measurement fixed
Problem with workout on last day of month not showing in calendar view fixed

You should get the update automatically if you've opted in on the beta. 


Redy Gym Log is now a little more than a year old. During this year I've built up a backlog of small fixes, nice to haves and under the hood improvements that I'd like to do. Many of these have given way to new features in the previous releases, and I think now is the time to do these fixes. So the next release will not have any big new features, but rather a number of fixes and small improvements. These include:
- A new app icon
- Adaptations for high resolution displays
- Localized data formatting
- Support of more than one workout per day
- Proper social account management
- Performance improvements

Hopefully I'll get this done soon, so i can get back to implementing new and interesting features :)
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