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WSJT-X and FT8 - you have to be quick
This is not a criticism. I like FT8. This is just what I found by trying to use it on the busy bands. After a night using FT8 on 40 metres, I have to say that it is very efficient. It proves, however, that I am not as efficient as I might like to be. It all...

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VHF data frequencies plus WSJT-X 1.8.0-rc1
Thanks to David, GM4JJJ, for pointing out me that the long awaited sharpening of the blades of WSJT-X, version v1.8.0-rc1 r7847, is now available at the WSJT Home Page link on the right. Follow the link  to WSJT-X and select the "candidate release" of WSJT-...

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Amateur radio rotator rant
OK, I have been fed up about this for ages and it is time for a full-frontal whinge. There certainly is a thing called "buyer's regret". That happens when you buy something and then wish you had bought something else. This is not the case here, I think. I t...

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Es and broadcast QRM, the Wouxun 950PL, and 2 computers with PstRotator
Sometimes with amateur radio you just have to wait and watch... Katy, 2nd operator at GM4FVM waiting patiently At other times you let your guard down. You go off duty, you get slack, you relax. You know, you have waited for ages and nothing showed up, so yo...

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A dual-band antenna, 70MHz JT65, and classic rigs
These are the days of the Es season when I change gear. I go into cruise mode. The "new-ness" of it all has passed. I have no need to work the same station today as I worked yesterday. Others do have this need for some reason. Mostly I sit and watch them al...

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A bit of an Es opening.
"Somehow we have so far avoided those ear-bending days on 4m where your
head is spinning after working seven or eight DXCC in half-hour
whirlwind of broadcast interference and huge signals. Yes, we have had
the broadcast stations, but not a full opening....

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Out of the rat race, bikes, and update
I have been hearing Japanese stations on 6m. Well, most of Europe has been hearing them. Those that hear them call them, and those that do not hear them call them anyway, just in case. The pattern here is that I get a decode from one of them, and then nothi...

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Meet the Linears and update
In reverse order (as is so often the case here). Why reversed? Because I am "contrary". By now (25 May) the Sporadic E ("Es") season is well underway, and every good VHF enthusiast has been filling their boots. As an example yesterday the Es opening started...

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Some more thoughts on JT65 as Es gets under way
1) The two phase theory Someone asked me what time of the day he should look for Es. It is often said that Es features two peaks during the day. I have already said that my examination of my logs shows no distinct pattern, though despite this I do think tha...

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JT65 Conundrum continues
In the interest of science, and at some personal cost to my energy levels later, I rose this morning in time to see how I would get on trying to see if DK8NE would hear my signal. In fact, I had been reported earlier but I missed it. Careful inspection that...
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