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Stop the Homework Insanity and Let Kids Be Kids
Homework, more specifically how it is being used, is making kids dislike school and in some cases learning. It is time to stop the insanity and realize true negative impact it is having on our students #education #homework

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Hmm...wondering about attending this...

November 2 – November 4

The Innovation Summit brings together the best of iPads, Chromebooks, Google Apps, and innovative instruction to improve student learning.Workshops include Maker Space, Project Based Learning, Design Thinking, .... and more

Learn from experts, gain hands-on experience, and collaborate with educators at an event designed specifically to address the challenge of how to inspire students as active learners.

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Bedley Bros Live!
Alternative ways to assess students and districts.

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A Collaborative Post with Lisa Meade. Let's remember we are all in this together.

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Keeping It Real - Collaborative Post with Lisa Meade
A collaborative post written by Lisa Meade and Christina Luce We’ve realized,  the longer we’ve been connected, there can appear to be a hierarchy of sorts online. We are quite clear where we rank in that hierarchy (near the bottom to middle) so recognize o...

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The Bedley Bros with math education guru Dan Meyer.

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My favorite topic with some of my favorite people!
The Bedley Bros, Scott and Tim, with special guest talking about helping teachers develop professionally.

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My students moaned when I told them we had to log off today!

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Ike and Molly from Flocabulary join us to talk about what is new for hip hop in the classroom!

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Some of my favorite peeps together.
Canadian Educator George Couros talks about his book The Innovator's Mindset on this exciting and edulicious episode of The Bedley Bros podcast. 
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