Here are a couple of issues with the new UI on Google+ that some of you may have encountered, and the fixes.

For those who have had issues, not only with Google+ but with any other Google Program and would desire to send feedback to Google, here is a neat little trick you might be interested in.

You will see it was posted originally by +Elliott Sprehn of Google, but the instructions from +Kaleh Kohler go a bit further in instructing those who are using Chromebooks.

The second issues has to to do with the Hangout link not appearing on your Google+ for Business page. Some of you who use large monitors may not have encountered this issue, but for those on smaller laptops and Chromebooks, it might be more common.

The hangout link on the business pages is at the top right corner of the Google+ page. It's placement is just outside the white space portion of the the page, and if your browser is sized just right, or if your Chromebook is zoomed in to close, it will not show.

I have included a couple of screen shots for comparison.

Resizing or adjusting zoom levels should correct the problem.

Hope this helps.
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