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Was #asbestos and other toxic dusts from 9/11 the cause of #DonnaSummer 's cancer?

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#Government not tracking removal of #cancer-causing #asbestos.

#TiskTisk #SMH

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Articles about the horrors of #Asbestos Mining and the fiber itself spread awareness and #SocialMedia extends the outreach.

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I wish more peopl took advantage of #HealthCoaches . They know what they are talking about.

Many #cancer patients turn to health coaches for recovery advice and more. Find out more at:
Health coaching is one of the tools professionals who work in the medical home, managed care organizations, home health and other point-of-care locations are utilizing to help patients adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors to prevent and control diseases. Yet, traditionally healthcare care professionals are not formally trained to coach.
#elearning #pcmh

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#Asbestos complicates yet another #construction and #renovation project. This time it is #PennState .

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#Capitol's #Asbestos case finally comes to a close. 13 years and 173 Million Dollars later.

Any thoughts on the outcome?

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#GreatNews coming from my Home-State of #Tennessee !!

US Representative Steve Cohen accepts the“Tribute of Hope” Award

#Asbestos #Awareness

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