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Becky Webb
Enjoying Vibrant Health From Nourishing Foods
Enjoying Vibrant Health From Nourishing Foods

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Flash S A L E!!!! Buy one body butter get one free for the next 48 hours!!! This is from the Beautycounter line, which are so amazing and clean that they all rank a 2 or less on the EWG ratings!
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This sloppy lentil recipe is really simple, super tasty and fantastic.  Since I am a mom of three and almost always on the go I look for really easy, tasty, nutritious and kid friendly recipes.  My kids did really enjoy this recipe.  If you like this might be tasty on a sourdough roll,  on a sprouted grain tortilla or simply all by itself with some cheese on top just like we ate it.  Yum!  Then just throw some veggies together, maybe a green salad and you have a complete meal.   Yummy!
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I love our Himalayan Salt Lamp! Learn about their benefits in my post:
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I love these tools for raising healthy and happy kids! <3
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Learn more about how eating more butter might improve your mental health:
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These 10 foods can be eaten in abundance during pregnancy (if you don’t have any known allergies) and will help you and your little one grow and thrive.
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These gluten-free, grain free sweet potato pancakes are going to become a new staple in my house when hubby is out-of-town.  They were super fast to make and super yummy.  I can honestly say that I didn’t make enough and the kids just wanted more.
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Do you or do one of your children have dark under eye circles?
Dark under eye circles are a good indicator of food allergies.  Seasonal allergies have been known to cause under eye circles as well, but both can be linked back to an abnormal intestinal flora or an abnormally permeable mucus membrane in the gut otherwise known as “leaky gut .  
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I have decided that for the safety of my family I would much rather stick to super easy DIY household cleaners that I know are non-toxic because I made them! Here's my favorite all purpose cleaner:
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Pregnant? Make sure you eat these 10 foods during your pregnancy:
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