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Live Long and Prosper
Live Long and Prosper

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Captives Birds @ Putrajaya Wetlands Park

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St George's Church, Georgetown (1818)
George's Church is a 19th-century Anglican church in the city of George Town in
Penang, Malaysia. It is the oldest purpose built Anglican church in South East
Asia and is within the jurisdiction of the Upper North Archedeaconry of the
Anglican Diocese o...

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All Saint's Church, Taiping (1886)
All Saints Church in Taiping is the Federated Malay
States' first Anglican church, founded in 1886 (consecrated in 1887). Located on Taming Sari main road, the church
features a timber facade and gothic architectural design, with a small adjacent
cemetery. ...

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Only in Muar : Jus Nenas
manufactured by : LEE PINEAPPLE CO. PTE LTD BT 81, Jalan Skudai 81300 Johor Bahru

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Fiddleheads of Sarawak
paku midin ( Stenochlaena palustris 丨 Blechanales
) paku ikan / pucuk paku  ( Diaplazium esculentum 丨 Athyriaceae ) paku pahit / paku rusa   ( Diaplazium sorzogonese 丨 Athyriaceae )    paku kubuk / paku uban  ( Neophrolepis acutifolia 丨 Lomariopsidaceae )

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Only in Seremban : Roti Marjerin Manis
manufactured by  CHOP LUCKY BAKERY 80, Jalan Tun Dr. Ismail ( Jln Templer ) 70200 SEREMBAN Negeri Sembilan

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Cari Makan @ Labu - Squid Curry
Cuttlefish Curry sprinkle with a dash of roasted peanut crunch, serve with small chunk of fresh cucumber and hard boiled egg.   The curry is mild.... not pedas . Nasi lemak is fragrant.   Sambal is super hot !  No roasted peanut nor deepfried small anchovie...

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Clinacanthus nutans: A Review of the Medicinal Uses, Pharmacology and Phytochemistry
Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical
Medicine Volume 9, Issue 4, April 2016, Pages
402–409 Authors : Ariful Alam, Sahena Ferdosh,
 Kashif Ghafoor, Abdul Hakim, Abdul
Shukor Juraimi, Alfi Khatib, Zaidul I. Sarker. Clinacanthus nutans Lindau is known as snake

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Chronicles of James : Feast of Fruit

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James' Yearbook 2016
Jan : 同三叔公 & 三叔母 吃饭 Feb : 和 阿晴 吃 面包 Mar : 爸爸怀里 :  Apr : 同 Abby 开夜车 May : 陪 JunWei 看 Barney Jun : goal ! Jul : 淑柔姑姑 + 铃铃姑婆 + 妈妈 Aug : 豪叔+萍姨 + Eunice + JDen Sep : 阿叔 生日快乐 Oct : Hanson 讲故事 Nov : Ivan 的 生日会 Dec : 美霞 姨姨
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