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Laura Scott
Always getting screwed with pocket kings
Always getting screwed with pocket kings

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Apparantly this is a great SEO tool: Anyone heard of / tried it?

OK so my (what I consider) perfect page description of 153 characters has been cut short in Google SERPs... by 10 characters!! What... the hell?!?!

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I agree we should start up a petition... I would definitely sign, would you?

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Shouldn't us Google+ users be able to comment on pages we have +1'd via the +1 tab? I feel this feature needs to allow annotations of some sort in order to be more useful to the people in my circles - if I +1 a page and a friend is looking through my +1's i'd like them to be able to see why I +1'd the page in the first place, giving them more info before they click through (or don't, as the case may be). Any chance Google?

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Do you own a pair of 2011/2012 Oakley Splice goggles? If so we'd love to hear what you think of them; remember, we're giving away £100 per week to the best review on Mpora Gear so leave a review now!

I need to get some quotes for building an iPhone and Android App. Can someone tell me of a good company?

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Google Web search is pulling data from video sitemaps to display in universal results... Google Video search is not - where is the data coming from?
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