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How many comic book creators have made it onto Google+ so far? We see Neil Gaiman is on.

How many others? Leave a comment on this post if you're a comic creator on Google+. Or leave a comment if you know the Google Profile page of any comic creators.
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Well, I think you might know me because you followed me. I've worked with First Second, Oni, Tor, Top Shelf. Also, are you following +Eric Merced ? Can you see other's circles? I have a pretty extensive "comic books" circle I'm accumulating.
Sean, thanks for adding me!
Oh, I'm blushed to be in a circle of such artists and still wonder how you found me, but thanks anyways. I'm a penciller/inker:)
I'm here. I'm not quite sure why, except for my addiction to buttons.
Comic book artist over here, nice to see that there are more than a few of us here.
E.J. Su
Kind of sort of former comic book artist here.
Creator? No, but do comics writers count? :)
I'm here and have writen a lot of comics: rogue satellite comics, igor, punch and judy, Disney's hauntrd mansion, the tick, strange eggs and just wrote a re-launch of Gumby coming out in august. I have no idea what google pluss is bu hope to find out by the time I return from several trips on august first. Is this google combining face book and twitter feeds?
I'm here, but i'm just now doing a comic. Been illustrating in a comic style for years just never did a book until now (though i have a short in Mekano Turbo). the new comic i'm doing is called Doombug13.
I'm here. Not sure if anyone has mentioned Mark Waid or DJ Coffman or Jim Keplinger being on here yet.
I'm here along with a ton of Vancouver indie artists: +Jonathon Dalton - Xeric award winner for Lords of Death and Life, +Jeffrey Ellis - the president of the Cloudscape Comics Society, +Chloe Chan - artist of Two Keys, +Wei Li - Xeric winner for Lotus Root Children, +Angela Melick - who does Wasted Talent, +Kevin Forbes from Robot and Ghost and +Kevin Wilson who does a wicked giant robot comic called Titanzer. I make a small webcomic called Even in Arcadia.
Add me to your circle comic lovers.
Since this is a lot of comic artists in one place, I'll mention that I help run Super Art Fight ( which holds live art competitions mainly with comic artists. If you're ever interested in competing let me know or contact us through the site.
I create Comics and Chaos!
+Gil Vary My comic is called "Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos", but I probably create it too heh.
late to the party... I make comics. ...found some really cool ones on this list I did!
Weird. when I click on the Neil Gaiman picture, I get taken to his profile but with no way to follow, and then I can't arrow back out.
I make recycled comic art, most of it on Imgur at
Lots of sandman
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