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Susan “Sue” Jenkins
The most interesting BEAVER in the World...IJS. :-)
The most interesting BEAVER in the World...IJS. :-)

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This is much too early to be awake on my weekend off...;-)

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Nice work guys...:-)

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Due to excessive boredom, #rain & #mosquitos I am working in the office today...BooHiss. :-)

Odd, my bill on cable is now ZERO. I watch everything online. I have awesome budgeting skills...:-)

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I just peed myself (a little...). :-)
"I believe that's from the reality show 'Sarah Palin's Hoth.' She claims she can see Tatooine from her house." - Jon Stewart

Barely home from the 2012 Seguin Sausagefest & Music Concert and my awesome Dad is working me to death...:-)
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