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Lyndsay Lewis
Working mom on a mission to act like a stay at home mom!
Working mom on a mission to act like a stay at home mom!

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our day touring the Magic Kingdom Hotels [mini film]
Our first day in Florida we took some time to explore the hotels of Magic Kingdom.  Having ever only visiting Disneyland Resort, I knew that I knew nothing about Disney World.  All I knew was it was huge, and that I had been memorizing my Disney World app s...

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most days [nine years married today]
marriage is about the most days. not the every day. most days there isn't any other place you want to be. most days you see perfection in the little things. most days you see constant growth and trying. most days you are reminded why you aren't married to s...

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keeping cool in alameda
as much as we wished my sister lived closer, having a gorgeous and
COOL, literally and figuratively, city to visit is not half bad. 
especially when the temperatures have crept back up into triple digits,
escaping for the day is always on the agenda.  if...

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4th of july [mini-film]
everly had a blast with her cousins the other day celebrating the 4th at her nona's house.  many hours of swimming ended perfectly with a lot of sparklers and fireworks on ladders, the only way.  I think their faces say it all! 4th of july from Lyndsay Lewi...

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independence day!
yesterday we were thankful to celebrate our independence day. lots of red, white, blue, swimming, hamburgers, peach cobbler, and sparklers.  it was a california celebration indeed.  and at under 100 degrees, a pretty perfect day.   excited to share our 4th ...

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late disneyland photos - and one HUGE exciting disney announcement
I can tell that sometimes my passion lately has been in my mini-films , because too many times I'm sharing photos a month or two late.  this spring we attended our third dapper day at Disneyland and had an amazing weekend.  the one thing I've learned after ...

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lake tahoe [mini film]
the other day I was heading to a training early one morning, and I passed the apartment complex where I know several of my students live.  it is one of those complexes that looked like it was pretty nice in the 60's, but now, it has seen too many years, and...

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it started with a suggestion [stock tank pool]
I grew up swimming a ton in the brutal northern california summers. 
there is nothing like a pool to keep your sanity, and I say that as we
are currently in a week long stretch of 108 degree days [we sure picked the wrong week to go to lake tahoe, but a n...

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this guy...
sometimes in life you can plan as much as you want, but you never really know how things are going to work out.  when we had our daughter, we knew that daycare wasn't the path we wanted to take, so we began figuring out a different schedule.  the mr. has pu...

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working mom playdates
working moms don't always have time for playdates during the regular work week - but being friends with a bunch of teacher-working moms is all good in the months of june & july [notice how I left out august, because, somehow, august is no longer a part of s...
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