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Messing my brain in free to play. A post by Copra. Human brain craves for novelty. It thrives on new things, learning new skills, seeing new things. This is why a new MMO is so interesting and this is...
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WoW is definitely not as ugly as people often claim and it has a strong art direction. But I would never go as far as you or +Gordon McLachlan and praise it.

The brain does not only crave novelty and I am not sure if some glands or the brain are to blame for humans being creatures of habit! :)

Fallen Earth is apparently decidedly different from the DIKU MUD - still, it is also very similar. LOTRO is very DIKU MUD but takes some time to get used to, I needed several trials and needed almost 20-30 levels to get into the game. But it was well worth it Moria, Mirkwood, later Enedwaith and Isengard are very different experiences. The new revamped and sped up levelling content as well. No yet quite WoW speed but you overlevel rather easily each area you enter.

Guild Wars! That's the pearl you can't see behind the shell of the oyster! :) Though GW definitely has a pretty shell.

My first GW experience was that I played during the preorder phase and cancelled my preorder. Didn't get it, saw no long time potential. But then something must have scratched an itch and made me re-order my pre-order. :>

Result? Played it for years. And the class I considered total BULL at start (Necromancer - I think they are indeed a boring class to start with in the original Guild Wars campaign) became my absolute favorite.

Anyways, I have decided to invade the worlds of WoW bloggers and players in GW2, regardless how the game turns out and clobber them for not falling in love with GW1. :)
I really haven't seen nor grasped the famed GW experience. The game is ugly and clunky to my eye, much like CoH is and the gameplay mechanics just do not click in either.

Sure, DIKU MUD is there, but Fallen Earth has at least tried to move the genre to a sidetrack.
That's a pity! But very much explains why I stopped reading many MMO related blogs. They are very much reporting and talking about the latest stuff to drop on the surface of the ever same deep and thick DIKU MUD.

The genre doesn't get better when players, bloggers and developers stick so very much to the same formula over and over again.
Interestingly the very same people who are tired to death by it actually can't stop playing and talking about the ever same issues again. A hamster wheel of thought.

I often like to tell the story of me and my buddy Matthias who doesn't play MMOs to this day. I was showing him Elwynn Forest.

"What do you do?"
"I do quests. I just got the quest to go to the farm and kill dudes there. I will also get to kill the big mini boss pig Princess." Blablabla - (I mentioned Hogger etc.)
"So you do what you are told, why not just kill them?"
"Well, that's pointless unless you have a quest for it."

We never got far enough to discuss group play and what MMOs are supposedly about. He never got it despite serious efforts. Years later I must admit he really had and has a lot of good points against MMOs!

Well, you and I obviously "got it" and got into WoW. But I face a similar apparently almost impossible to breach barrier when I try to evangelize you to the joys of Guild Wars.

For all intending to play SWTOR and GW2 at launch (listen, +Scarybooster McGee ) have you ever thought of not blogging or reading blogs and forums about the game at launch? It's not as if you would not have enough of it in the game. I remember playing Age of Conan two years ago during a welcome back weekend and the channels were so filled with bored MMO comparison nausea that I had to switch them off.

I have the feeling that the omg it sucks or omg its great exaggerations generate a blablabla that rivals if not trumps global / zone / "Barrens" chat in most MMOs.

GW2 is my last straw for the genre. If this doesn't excite me as much as GW1, it's dead. If a game falls to the very casual level I play STO and LOTRO on (for some that would be already hardcore) I wonder how people can produce so many lines of text and thought about a game they barely play.

Uh this went quite off topic! But I had nothing else to do and I will now go to the funeral I mentioned several hours ago.
The gripes I have with GW are beyond the graphics, but in the beginning I can do nothing else than quests and kill things? That's what I have gotten from GW and I'm not interested in going any further that road.

In FE I've been exploring, questing, gathering/salvaging, crafting, fighting, skinning and chatting. What went wrong?
The interesting part is building the team and making your build. In the beginning there is not much as you have not even enough skills to fill the 8 skills bar. That gets better as there are some 1100 or 1300 skills and you get behind the combat system. it's quite deep.

but tell me about FE, did you meet some euros or imsonniac americans? The game looks good and somehow like the grand canyon and decidedly american and post apocalyptic wild west for an american audience to me. At least this was always my impression when reading +Sonja Zeller blogging about it.
The servers are full, help channel has regular calls for Czech and German groups in between the questions of where is that, how can I this and where do you buy this thing you can do yourself... :P
I'm always surprised to see how many euro players there are in Fallen Earth. It does have a wild west feel to it in some places, but for the most part it really is a post apocalyptic/futuristic setting. I guess that draws more different kinds of people.
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