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rebecca schlachter
sometimes i wish becasue was a word
sometimes i wish becasue was a word

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The nice thing about Google + is that when lazy newscasters want to get the pulse on a story via social media comments, they can attribute the quote without the awkward @ preface. 

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so if google + is supposed to be the facebook killer, does that mean i can or can't exclusively post content as it relates to number one best baby?

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Things I want to see on Google +:

1. an hourly update, in my stream, of the weather in my zip code.

2. the ability to follow a list curated by someone (like iTunes celebrity playlists, only with information)
2a. the ability to curate a list of guests from Fresh Air for people to follow

3. if a lot of people are engaged in a conversation that would be interesting to me (based on my posts) i want to see it in my stream even if i'm not connected with those people. (i.e. melody, you like the philadelphia flyers. people over here are discussing the philadelphia flyers. would you like to join?)

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