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Check out the new Hipster Picnic online store. Fully functional with new and improved interface. WHOO!!

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I just SLAVED over this - @Making_Comics better love me for life.

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Casa De Bromance
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I am actually nervous to show this part of the comic to the world. It is definitely my most ambitious sequence to date. Hopefully it works. This took me the last week and a half to work on. Eleven whole pages! And they all had to be presented together. They just had to.


Let me know what you think.

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For whatever reason this page took twice as long as it needed to. I think it had mostly to do with the colors and layout I wanted. I absolutely loved the page prior to this one and put a lot of pressure to make this one as good.

This page/sequence in-and-of-itself is a great example of a last minute rewrite. Originally I was going to have a realistic looking Hawk talk to Hawk along with his zombie-self. I realized, during the barf sequence, that Hawk’s realistic self is actually his reflection. His zombie.

Or is it?

What is real? I am hoping to explore a little bit of that in the next couple pages. Hopefully Hawk learns something. Hopefully I learn something. 

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I don’t know what is more disturbing – me putting, on display, a very private moment revealing the aftermath of an addiction rattled feeding frenzy or showing one of my comic characters laying on the ground surrounded by human body-parts in a Dahmer-esque edifice. This is definitely one of the most brutal pages I have ever constructed, and I will understand if it makes some of you turn away in disgust.

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Has anyone else been listening to the “Hipster Picnic Soundtrack” I have been constructing strip-by-strip? We are 36 songs deep and this soundtrack is going strong! 

(Sorry Chris​ for the the RENT soundtrack inclusion – it just fit.) 

The idea of matching each individual scene up with a song has been really fun. Sometimes I want to blow it off, but days like today (where I am listening to old Alien Ant Farm songs) I am totally pleased with the construction of the soundtrack. Check it out for yourself. I have it available on Spotify AND on youtube.

This page also took a while because I finally wanted to share the process I am constructing Hipster Picnic pages with, step by step. I sometimes am going to gloss over the specific steps in each section of the process. If anyone is interested in getting more details on how certain things are done let me know in the comments. Check the walkthrough out below.
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