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前天在爱FM法律节目《我有办法》分享的课题-“假勋衔,真犯罪”。要一个不是拿督的讲拿督和拿督斯里,心力绞碎。谢谢东方日报的文字报导。#爱FM #我有办法
Thanks to Oriental Daily for featuring the legal talk show which was aired on AiFM last Sunday. We talked about offences relating to awards and titles.

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昨日关于355法案的私人动议访谈已上载至网站,转载自988 Youtube频道。

Shared some views on the procedure of Marang's motion in suggesting to table the RUU355 (Amendment) with FM 988.

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Here comes the No. 9 of the Recent Top 10 Data Breaches, this time I cover UCLA Health involving 4.5 million patients' data hacked by cyber-attackers.

近期十大个人资料泄密排行第9的UCLA (洛杉矶加利福尼亚大学医院),共4千5百万病人的个人与敏感资料被骇客盗取。

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Let's have a look on the recent Top 10 Data Breaches and its consequences. I'm featuring from the last, the No.10 - EBay E-Commerce Platform. #ECommerce #EBay #Hacking #PersonalData

让我们一起回顾近年发生的十大个人资料泄密案,从排行第10的EBay 电子商务平台开始。

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My AiFM legal talk show was featured in Oriental Daily, sharing on the topic of <How to identify fake news and its legal implications>.


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分享当我们按下网站“ I Agree With The Terms and Conditions"的法律效用


My sharing on the legal effect in hitting the "I Agree" button on websites.

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1. 公司最大股东在不是涉案人士的情况下,是否能直接阻止公司继续打官司?

2. 公司董事会在没有获得股东大会的授权之下是否能委任律师代表公司打官司?

1. Whether a shareholder can stop the company from pursuing a court proceeding whilst he/she is not a party to the suit?

2. Whether the board can authorise legal representative to pursue a court proceeding in the absence of board's resolution?

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My sharing on setting up E-Commerce enabled platform in Malaysia may enjoy income tax deduction.

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根据昨天报导,贸工部第二部长表示在即将设立的电子自贸区内,通过E-Commerce Platform购买低于RM1,200的商品将不会被征税。他也表示在现有的机制下,通过E-Commerce购买低于RM500的商品也是免税的。这说法有点错误。

It was reported that MITI Minister II announced that in the new Digital Free Trade Zone, for goods below RM1,200 purchased through e-commerce will be tax exempted. He also said that currently goods below RM500 purchased through e-commerce is tax exempted. However I found no further information on such current implementation.

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Yesterday's AiFM radio legal talk show was featured by Oriental Daily today, on Single Person Company under the new Companies Act 2016 (in mandarin)
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