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A curious monkey.

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The new Sociology department blog has its inaugural post!

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Ben Adkins dropping some solid email sequence gold here for free. Pick up a copy if you are interested in finding out how he does it.

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Guide to Powering your Project #makereducation

Helpful guide from Hack42SA007 on instructables!

Every electronic or electric project needs power, but how to select what kind of power supply you project needs.

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A terrific story. A real story, with lots of positive stuff. Loved it.
New York City - Through the Lens

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed recently about my (bizarre) start in photography, my life before photography, how my book deal happened, and how social media helped build my career.

An excerpt from the interview (full interview here:  )

Getting started, humble beginnings...

Dave: So I'm curious, and I'm sure our readers would like to know too, what was the path that took you where you are now? How did you get started, and that sort of thing? I think we've got a lot of readers who are passionate about photography, but suspect a lot of them say, 'Well, so what do I do next? How do I take the next step?' How did it all start for you?

Vivienne:  So, I have a past checkered with a lot of struggles. I moved out on my own when I was 18. Basically, my parents…it was a difficult relationship, and my parents moved away from New York City. My parents didn't want me going with them, so I stayed in New York City and spent almost a decade working seven days a week, three or four jobs. 

Dave: Wow.

Vivienne: It was just to kind of keep myself in New York City. Then, at some point, I realized that I really wanted, for myself, to go back to school and finish a degree that I had started in my late teens, but kind of abandoned because I had to work. So I put myself back in school right around when I turned 30, and it was super stressful to quit working, take out loans, go back to school.

Dave: Wow, no kidding - that's a pretty scary move.

Vivienne: So to cope with that stress, I would walk around a lot. I was on the Lower East Side, and I would walk around Manhattan just aimlessly. I really loved thinking a lot about what I was seeing. I've always written from the time when I was little, so I have a very vivid imagination, and I decided to buy a camera off of Amazon. At the time, because I was so broke (it was like 2009), I couldn't afford a smartphone;...

Continue reading the full (very LONG interview) here

Hope you enjoy! ♥

If you have any questions about the interview or my book (direct link: ) - feel free to ask here in the comments or over in the comments to the interview. :)


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