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Alan Bleiweiss
SEO Consultant offering Audits, Consulting, Training Services
SEO Consultant offering Audits, Consulting, Training Services

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Alan Bleiweiss commented on a post on Blogger.
SO.  As I think I now understand how all this works, Google is forcing site owners to do something JUST for Google.  That's the DIRECT OPPOSITE of helpful. 

Since GPSI sees a site like users do, and GPSI has NO NEED to get past robots.txt files, the new GWT mobile friendly test is INVALID.  Forcing site owners to have to recode their sites to comply or else face mobile ranking losses is NOT a good thing. 

Please explain why this is a valid thing. Why can't Google trust it's own GPSI tool? Why not allow a tool that site owners and SEOs have relied upon as valid (since it better emulates REAL users), be the basis?

Alan Bleiweiss commented on a post on Blogger.
Excellent post Andrea! And that's how I feel honestly - not as a way of thanking you for mentioning me in your article!  The more SEO's, site owners and webmasters take the time to grasp the three headed monster concept by the neck and feed all three mouths, the less likely the monster will eat them alive :-)

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Data from 4 Clients show #Panda has been gently eased

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Great article showing how Schema is impacting the web

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Dave Harry is having me on as a guest on the Friday Dojo chat - topic: SEO Audits
Hey gang, Dave here. This week in the +SEO Training Dojo  Friday chat, we'll be talking about audits. Not only the standard variety but we'll also be looking at Forensic Audits as well. It's a great topic and all the more important in today's environment with Google. My guest will be a guy that knows a ton about audits, Alan Bleiweiss. It should be a rocking time.... be sure to drop by.

We'll be having the chat in our Skype room as well as over on Google Plus (Hangout). First 10 peeps can get a chair in the Hangout, so drop into the chat (on Skype) early to get access. 

Well for the 1st time ever, after auditing a site for a client who came to me after being manually penalized, and the client making radical changes to their entire site and working on cleaning up off-site as well, Google rejected a reconsideration request claiming pages on the site still violate guidelines.  

I am hoping +John Mueller or +Matt Cutts  or someone else at Google will be willing to take a look because for all my experience and skill this hasn't ever happened and if there's something else that needs to be done I need to know where to even begin to look if I'm going to continue being of service to clients. 

I've helped dozens upon dozens of site owners who came to me after a penalty so this one is beyond head-scratching.   I wish I could share the domain publicly however I have an NDA with the client so it needs to be privately communicated.  

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Google hijacks full size images - no longer sends you to the original site they're from...  (via +Ann Smarty )  My first thought is - another power grab of epic proportions...
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