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Horror and their target audience
Horror films and their target audience 'Saw' Franchise  This film has a certificate of 18 yet a range of different ages watch these films. People who are younger watch these films because they want to see how much they can take of the gore. Also men would b...

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When I took part in 'guess the genre' in class today and reading other people's scripts, it made me think; how could the other members of class get so much detail into their script? because it took me a while to just think of what the actual story would be ...

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Avatar script analysis - Sci-fi
Avatar script analysis   How did the script introduce the narrative (story), setting, time period, the characters and the genre?  The script starts with non-digetic sounds in the form of drums getting louder and louder. The only information we are given on ...

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Scripts and their interpretation
'Les Miserables' script   for this task we were asked to analyse the 'les miserables' script.  1)  How did the script introduce the narrative (story), setting, time period, the characters and the genre? This script introduces the year of which it was set, t...

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Factors of media representation GENDER: On this ‘REPS!’
magazine front cover, men are represented as being extremely masculine through
the way they make their body look and this is for women to believe that they
are more attractive and to other men they wou...

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Film analysis: 'Avatar'
'Avatar film analysis' This film is a Sci-fi hybrid with fantasy it is set in the future on another planet called 'Pandora'.  Throughout this film humans and the avatars are in conflict. Futuristic themes in this film attract the viewers because it makes th...

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Sci-Fi poster analysis - 'Avatar'

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Warner Bros. Film studio tour - Harry Potter
Introduction      As a class we all went to the Harry Potter studio tour in London on the 7th October. We went here to learn more things about media such as; design, marketing, filming ect.. Summary of events      During this day we did many things. First w...

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Film genre mind map

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Film opening
Film opening - 'The Conjuring' Audio codes of the film opening: Non-digetic sound in the form of scary music dialogue  a light switch clicks people having a conversation conversation stopped another scene starts non-digetic sound again creaking of wood two ...
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