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These robust, heavy duty sludge transfer pumps are suitable for pumping high solids and viscous materials. They feature large gravity ball type check valves, ceramic coated sludge rams, slow speed operation, and a huge suction lift of up to 30 feet for thick sludge and slurries up to 15% solids. Our sludge pumps are custom tailored for your application with flows up to 475 gpm and pressures up to 725 psi. With their simple construction and minimal wear parts, these ram pumps have proven to be durable and reliable. We have customers with this style of ram pump in continuous operation for over 40 years. For more information visit us at
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Our line of high pressure hydraulic ram pumps are designed for the most extreme industrial and municipal applications such as:

- Filter Press Feed Pump
- High Pressure Sludge Pump
- Grit Transfer Pump
- Thickener Underflow Pump
- Food Waste Pump
- Sewage Pumping
- Grout Pumping

These pumps excel where other pumps fail due to their robust design and low maintenance. For more info visit us at
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