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Lisa Sullivan
"Make a difference. BE a difference." ~ Yours Truly. I am to inspire!
"Make a difference. BE a difference." ~ Yours Truly. I am to inspire!

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Shot this little ditty this morning prior to my video marketing class with our FM Falls team. It was completely shot, edited, produced and uploaded with my iPhone 5s. My goal was to show the ease of concept, shooting, production (using the iMovie app) and uploading to YouTube directly from the phone. The team had some GREAT Qs throughout the session too!
Our Falls Office explains what they LOVE about real estate. Check it out!

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One of my absolute favorite places in the world is the OBX. I love the small town of Duck, it's boardwalk, shopping, FOOD. Please, if you've ever visited this little town, go vote for it for this US Today list. Thank you!

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I absolutely LOVE the warmth exuding from this living room design! Just HAD to share it. I love the color combination, the fireplace, the chandelier, etc. It's so cozy & inviting! #homedesign #homedecorating  
Our favorite new design trends for 2015-->

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LOVE these! Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!! :)
Tips for a Successful Thanksgiving Dinner AND "the aftermath"

The following is by our own +Brandon Penny of +Penny Realty Group. GREAT tips, Brandon!

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Love, love, LOVE this article! If you are doing business and you are online (for business or for pleasure), you have a personal brand. Protect it! #ORM   #reputationmanagement  

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Yes, yes, YES! As a Southerner from "the North" I can totally relate to this. Our winters here aren't NEARLY as messy as they are up north. Resources like those in the northern part of the country just aren't necessary. Plus, down here the pace of life is so much....friendlier. So, yes, I don't mind when the store clerk talks to the person in front of me, nor do I mind if there is a threat of 1 inch of snow and it's time to "stock up". Go with the flow, People. The FLOW is A-OK, in my book!
I moved south from Massachusetts 11 years ago, these are some of the things I've learned...

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I don't find these findings surprising at all!
25% of Single Women Spend > Half of their Income on Housing

Did you know that? Here's a simple infographic from the folks at +The KCM Crew describing Single Women and #Homeownership  

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Can't catch this in person tonight but I so LOVE that +Phil Buckley and team make it available online. Thanks, Y'all! #ContentMarketing #Marketing #SEO  
Connecting Through Content Isn't Easy. 

Learn how to do it right, even if it's hard. The purpose of any business is to be the absolute solution to the need they are filling. 

Join Heather Kilcrease and Amber Frazier-Finkelstein as they explain away the mysteries of creating content that connects in a way that drives your business.

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My UBER talented friend Rozlyn Sorrell performed Beautiful by Carole King at the Garner Chamber Summit Awards last night. Had to share!

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Here's another performance by Rozlyn Sorrell and this one had me in tears by the end. Enjoy!
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