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Paul Bullimore
Mad keen Fisherman and Surfer with a love for the outdoor life
Mad keen Fisherman and Surfer with a love for the outdoor life


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Encouraging run of fish
After a distinct absence on the river banks I decided it was high time I banked a fish. The spring tides were upon us and after a sunny weekend the Monday morning with some cloud cover looked like there could be an opportunity of intercepting a fish. The pr...

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A good rise
A few good hours on the river yesterday and things certainly seem to have livened up with the lift in water on Thursday. I arrived mid morning to find the river just starting to drop but still only a foot or two of disability. Having fished the river a lot ...

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Business as usual
Having admittedly been a bit slack on the blogging (and fishing) front I thought it was time to get down to the river and finally wet a line after a long winter. A few conversations with rods from other beats confirmed that ether were a few Sea trout about ...

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Salmon Galore - 4 in an hour!
After a rather uneventful summer on the Salmon front on our two beats of the Dorset Frome things are starting to 'Hot up'. During the week we had a good flush of fresh water bringing the river up by more than a foot. This was well overdue and would paper to...

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A taste of things to come?
I decided that despite avoiding a bit of hard work the time had finally come for me to get round to clearing some of the long grass and nettles etc that make access to some of our pools a tad tricky. I turned up mid morning with strimmer in one hand a rod i...

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Bank holiday success
Trips to the river have been few and far between this season for various reasons and up until today I had only managed a couple of short sessions. The river has been up and down a fair bit recently due to the unsettled weather. Andy had the first fish off o...

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Looking good - early season hopes
With the river running steady at 1m on the Gauge at East Stoke the river couldn't be looking better. The winter floods have given the river bed a good clean and the runs look superb. The large inaccessible pool at the top of our beat has now been by-passed ...
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