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Amazing!  Can't wait to explore the new Google Earth...
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This looks very cool.  I remember when Google Earth first came out and it blew my mind.  As a young lad I spent hours looking at atlases, discovering "exotic" places like Xi'an in China (I'm gobsmacked that I've now visited many of these).  When Google Earth came out... wow.  I literally spent hours zooming in and out of cities I love like Madrid and Rome in addition to flying around dream destinations (like Everest).  

Thinking about it, I'd love to visit Shanghai on Google Earth.  When I departed last week for Vietnam I saw the most amazing canals from the air (canals of staggering length as well as little tributaries).  
I was in there for days...reliving every city I'd been too and exploring those I hadn't yet...this next iteration should be really cool!
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