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Greetings to all,

I am happy to announce that my friend +Lena Levin will have Open Studio on June 9th. For details see:
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i checked your paintings... looks good :) all the best...
+Lena Levin I don't know much about art. From an internet user's viewpoint, I think you should design your site more better than now.
Have a good starting :-)
Beautiful use of colour in all her paintings....lovely!
Beautiful. Loved your paintings and wish you success.
2 thumbs up. That is a lot of really awesome artwork. Best of luck
Thank you. Everyone is welcome!
Love the purity and blends of the colors.
Why thank YOU +Lena Levin for making such beautiful works of art, pleasures to the eye as ice-cream is to the taste-buds on a hot summer day! I would love to go, except I live too far away. :/ Ohh well. I loved your website and the pics of your paintings!!!! :)
is an expressionistic or impressionistic painting?
I get confused sometimes ñ_ñ 'hehehe ...
or perhaps neither?? o_o
your paintings are interesting, congratulations n_n.
wish you a successful inauguration!
Inauguration???? No, please, not that!
ups! ñ_ñ'
I'm sorry, i mean E X H I B I T I O N
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