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Man is the product of God's love.
I go with religion being an opiate...
Great letter, thanks for sharing!
all atheist attacking the evilutionist stay on the very same course of attacks...yet fall remotely short when debating people like Dr. Kent hovind and many more.
Thank you for sharing this letter text. I am inspired once again to see that even the brightest and learned minds are as open and perplexed as any. No one knows.
The word "Love" (a translation of the word "God") is a product of human meekness. Only God's Spirit can touch and inspire the individual with belief and faith. If you resist the Spirit of God, you will miss the blessings of knowledge, confidence and peace.
If this was truly Einstein's perspective on the issue, then I feel sorry for him.
Oh, here we go... The usual "I feel sorry for people who don't believe in god..." As though people who don't just can't possibly be truly happy, or appreciate the beauty around them, or be good, or just be as "perfect" as someone who does.

Go feel miserable for someone who needs it. Like yourself for feeling the need do think yourself superior.
You should listen to what Dr.Neil degrasse Tyson is saying lately...Ok here it is
+Mari Thomas has a post on a statement made "or quoted by him"
Oh, give me a break. He was a human being, not unlike any other. He was a genius. He loved music. He had a great sense of humor. And he was a nice guy (my father met him and said so). So sad that he hasn't led up to a few whingers' expectations.
+David E nebeker
many atheist reference God because they come to an end in their studies and have to admit at some point greater design.
His not the only one even Darwin makes reference to greater design in the book "species".
I really don't see how religion has to do with this? Either you believe in a higher power other than the human race or you don't, everyone is entitled to their own belief system no matter what it is! Some people worship god and others worship statues, but I think that we are all created for something greater than to just sit here and take up space on earth! Hey maybe the myans will be right! So who cares what anyone thinks, because just maybe we will get to the bottem of that question soon enough!
@joseph Siroker : thanks for bringing this up. our weakness is a need to call for a super power to rule what we cannot explain or accept as the natural order of things. The universe is bigger than us.
Nice post and an interesting read. Although I would point out most peoples idea of God is limited to their own indoctrination..... And like science it is impossible to provide true context due to our inability to stand outside the universe and have a truly subjective view point.
it is ok to believe whatever you want until you start to convince others that you are the one who knows the truth... or feel superior because you know the truth... or start to kill others because they believe (the same thing) in a different way...
Great letter, a side of Einstein I never knew. And to all the religious people in the comments, stop trying to sell your faith, let atheists be atheists If they want to and we will let you worship your "greater beings".
"Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?" -- Douglas Adams
In a way that is sad because although the technology Albert had versus centuries ago of Romans, I think are equivalent. Still yet no one came up with a sound definition of creation. But still trying.
thanks for sharing valuable material with us, too...
Being a christian as i am and only having a 9th grade education would you explain the meaning of this letter thank you
+Gerald Stiner I think Einstein is saying because their is no empirical proof of God's existence he / she / it is a product of the imagination.... Rather like tachyon particles..... Or string theory..... Etc etc etc.....
+Jann Van Hamersveld - I don't believe 'God' doesn't exist. I know that there is no evidence supporting the existence of 'God' just as I know there is no evidence supporting the existence of plants that eat large mammals before they're dead. If someone were to show me convincing, objectively provable evidence, I would be happy to acknowledge the existence of a deity, just as I would be fascinated and interested in convincing evidence for a plant that eats large mammals.
nice thought........i think so it is right........
+Michael Gardner - There is a crucial difference. Many of the things you mention have consequences that should have impacts on certain kinds of measurements we make. If we design experiments designed to force these concepts to have particular impacts on measurements, and we fail to find those effects, then they can be disproven.

The concept of 'God' is so slippery and malleable it resists every attempt to disprove.
+Eric Hopper i think what is missing is an understanding of what God is..... Most humans have a mental image imparted by their cultural surrounding.... If God exists why can't it be the universe known and unknown? Rather like our own bodies a large percentage is other lifeforms and even the rest is unaware of the whole we are... I think the real problem comes when stupid monkey's claim to speak for the universe.
I was a outlaw biker most of my life in fact the last brush i had with the feds almost landed me thirty years, reality. I became a christian with the belief it made me stronger as i want to help now rather than destroy. The Lord is alive and well in my life.
Weakness .. Fear.. Gallow .. Sallow ... Good ..bad .. Ugly .. Birth.. Death... Peace.. Happiness.. Art n artist.. Blank or full.. Hell n haven all in infact r PRODUCT OF GOD.
creativity.. Art.... N artists .. R relatively much closer to god.
+Pat Mahon top tip don't be so smug

‎"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."- Krishnamurti
Lets just K.I.S.S. ( keep it simple stupid....not saying anyone who has posted is stupid) . It boils down to perception and one's personal Paradigms. There are so many quotes supporting all beliefs. One of my favorite is "There is no atheist in a fox hole" ~ unknown (to me). Which supports the fact that in the end we all believe in something even if that is simply wanting to live. Therefore in theory making life a deity in and of it self.

If a tree beaks and falls in the woods with nothing around to hear or record it; does it make a sound?
+Jeremy Andre Richie Barton , just because there is not a listening or recording device doesn't mean a sound wasn't heard. It just means a suitable device was not made yet.
I seem to think that 'The word of God is the product of human weakness' is so true. God is probably an invention created out of the necessity for hope in our endeavor for continuity of our existence.
You should ask yourself "What if he is real ?" I believe he is , if I live my life as he would want me too then who am I hurting, it makes me a better person, it would make this world a better place if everyone believed in him. I personally wouldn't take the chance , if you are correct then all I did was live my life as a good person, treated people as I would like to be treated and had the respect and love from the people around me, and when I die I won't know he doesn't exist, but I do believe and if I were you , i would really look deep inside of yourself and ask "is it worth it not to believe ? You could spend eternity someplace you wouldn't want to be or you could believe and spend eternity in Heaven.
I live my life by one simple rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated. That's it.
If God exists or not is of no great importance to me because i believe i live my life in a positive way. Let the chips fall where they may.
+Pat Mahon lmfao guessing you're perfect and have no guilt about anything you've done.... Also guessing you must be a Vegan as you would never do harm to anything weaker or less evolved than your perfect self. Lets hope your minimum a vegetarian like Einstein.... But with our wealth of modern knowledge the only intellectual choice is Vegan.
+Gregory Rollo - Pascal's wager... I see. So, which God? They're all jealous and vengeful. Which one is the real one? If I pick the wrong one, I end up in hell regardless of how morally I behave, so I'd better pick the right one. But there are so many to choose from who all claim to be the right one. How do I know?
Start from Noah's time and decided from there.
+Eric Hopper they are all the same multiples and single, the avatars perceived by us are only to stop small monkey brains exploding. Just like in Babylon 5 when Kosh the Vorlon leaves his environment suit to save someone

Babylon 5 - Kosh Revealed
From Noah's time, three typed if people (religion) started from. Shem (gentiles-athiest), Ham (the best-islam) , and Jephet ( Jews) . Pick one and follow the screwed up situations all three got into.
+Ted Jansen - Oh, that's not the half of it. There are a thousands of religions and mythologies out there. People picked the darnedest things to worship. Those are the just the three that managed to co-opt, conquer or destroy more of the others than most.

If you want to talk about most numerous though, Hinduism and Buddhism are right up there with number of followers and don't fall into any of your neat categories.
My objection, expressed above, is not to a belief in God but to the assuredness that a person who does not have "God in their life" 1) is not happy or fulfilled and 2) unqualified to understand or comment on their lack of belief because they do not have a belief in God.

And that is bullshit.

Many non-believers have a more complete knowledge and understanding or the history of religion, of theology, and fluent in biblical thought than your average Christian. Most of us have weighed the information and evidence before us and found it wanting. We find spiritual comfort in things other than a Devine being. We are intelligent and thoughtful and don't need someone who happens to believe telling us we "just haven't looked hard enough" for something we don't actually need.

Keep your prayers to yourselves, stop whining about how Einstein was a lesser man because he didn't believe in God or how his exploration didn't result in the same answers you're did, and get on with your lives.
And spend your energies coming up with a spellchecker that works... THAT would help me more than feeling sorry for me...
Look if God does or doesn't exist doesn't matter, how you act in this world does.....and if your using the none existence of God to go around acting like a selfish idiot you have got it wrong regardless.
This is funny. Oh Albert their probably got the minuscule part of energy. Who knows how much information can be found by theoretically physics or other sciences. As for religions opinion from Albert, I think facts are required to prove your God nowadays for the analytical minded. Just because you won the Nobel prize, it doesn't stop their. It just means you have another notch in history.
I have no desire to write at a sixth grade level when commenting on Einsteins thoughts on God. Especially when a dictionary is a click away. ^Although if your intentions are not constructive then I appreciate your flames.

Whatever you want to believe, if you are thoughtful, the question of a creator is a mystery. Even Einstein had to check his doubts against his rational mind. I prefer the humility of the agnostic to the solipsism of the atheist. At least no one then has passed judgment on an issue they have no knowledge, skill or ability to access with any credibility.

Einstein played his cards well. He was critical but left his options open and encouraged his friend to be more "concrete" in regards to their dialogue.
Thank you for posting this. I'm a big admirer of Einstein and not at all of religion or beliefs in deities.
+David Guerra nice to know your not a fan of was your Easter nice chocolates? Happy Christmas etc etc etc

LMFAO this is from a man who thinks hooters is the height of taste.....ugg woman come to cave
+Michael Gardner - raises eyebrows Really? And Christmas and Easter are not basically secular holidays in the US nowadays? The other things you say are basically speculative ad-hominem attacks.
+Eric Hopper i know but i couldn't help but bait someone who claims to be intellectual but has hooters as the height of culinary excellence on his profile ....sorry naughty troll back under bridge :P
+Eric Hopper after sleeping on it I have to call bullshit you just can't decide a religious holiday isn't religious and celebrate only the part you want.... But it seems a lot of westerners do exactly this filling their houses with articles of faith from various cultures whilst practicing none of the code... I've lost count the number of households I've been in with Buddhist or Hindu symbols in, yet they are happily ignoring the basics of the faiths. You can't have your cake and eat it... Just because you decide.... My favourite post from a fellow G+ er on Easter Sunday was "happy Sunday"
+Jann Van Hamersveld hi buddy unfortunately most are stopped from thinking by the control mechanisms put in place for exactly that reason. Like the religious quibbling over which god is the true god, from our perspective is ridiculous. As you mention understanding isn't an easy or a painless process and the shedding of layers can be very frightening... The only frightening thing from our position is watching most of the human race around us.
I wonder how much more Isaac Newton would have discovered if every hour he spent trying to figure out God was spent trying to figure out gravity and the like.
+Jann Van Hamersveld Newton had some balance in Riemann space, after all he was an alchemist as well as a translator of biblical material, it's not a bit flip.
Sjeez, I could plug a lorem ipsum bot into this thread and it would fit in nicely.
Always wanted proof of his religious views. Thanks for this!
Interesting letter, thank you
well, all we have to do now is to read Erik Gutkind's book, 'Choose Life: The Biblical Call to Revolt' and then....
Ed Luke
+GT Bulmer I must agree with you wholeheartedly. +Gerald Stiner It is tremendous that you found a lasting and meaningful relationship with the only person worth knowing. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He's a friend who will stick closer than a brother. Remember - FAITH = Forsaking All I Trust Him.

The atheists of this world will never understand anything of the one true God, because their eyes have been blinded. Only by the work of the Holy Spirit will they see the light. It is our job to minister to them, to tell them the way, and the Holy Spirit's job to do the rest.

Remember Psalm 14 v 1; The fool has said in his heart, there is no God. Einstein may have been a genius, but all his knowledge was for nothing if he didn't know Christ.
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