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"Creativity is the residue of time wasted."

~~~ Albert Einstein
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Creativity is the precipitate of time well spent.
Oxygen is also a residue of photosynthesis. "Unfortunately", we need them. 
Interesting I wonder whether he thought the same of his life work? And to add we have all the time in the world to waste
She's sticking her tongue out at and saying "na-na-na-na-naaaaaa-na".

Exactly.there are some people who always do some crap in the name of creativity
yes that so true at high it can be little hard to show your human art in the world of creativity.
I love this photo, sometimes you have to take a deeper look to see true wonder.
Oh Joseph! I don't know if that statement by Einstein is true. Time wasted produces creativity? If that be true then I'm the greatest creator of all. :) Although residue may not equal creativity in every case. :/
I'm going to post that statement on Facebook, that is if you don't mind.
einstine actually had a sence of humor so him saying that....?
I recommend the book:
Imagine: How creativity works by Jonah Lehrer
How can being creative be a waste of time? Sitting on your back side twitilling your thumbs now that is a waste of time.
click is necessary to change place, so creativity is the force of change
a lee
That is incredible 
Well isn't that quote creativity? Einstein's basically just stating that he was wasting his time when he said that.
I guess I didn't understand the quote. Can someone explain please?:)
I mean explain how time's residue is creativity
I recommend the book:
Imagine: How creativity works by Jonah Lehrer
A Loss, is Creativity Wasted. In All of His creations; creativity and the ability to put thoughts; even though unresolved. is more than a blessing.
Sabias palabras...... porque una cosa es ser un genio y otra muy diferente ser un sabio. Se puede ser sabio con las imágenes también.
a lee
Does that mean creativity is a waste of time?

Yoli lp
Magnifíca y la frase acertada very good
Wasting time for creativity is valued.
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