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Everything in moderation...
including moderation!
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indeed or you just might end up like that flask... missing something in the middle.
This is an amazing photo! Wow. Thanks for posting it.
I Like this photo. It would make for (in my opinion) a very stimulating conversation!!
thanks for sharing...
You have arrived, Mr. Siroker.

When you look upon a work of beauty
The eye is only the messenger
And if you look too long
Or too often
The message fades
Even to the dreaming memory.

Alex in Wonderland
R. Harlan Smith
but moderation may hurt us as may extremism do.
So, where shall we go to save our souls ????
Nice creative piece of work .thanks for posting .
ummmm...... u r a gr8 photographer nice capture <3
I would enjoy where those corks came from! Lol Very nice!
Y- Fi
nicely done
+Robert Smith Thanks for turning me onto the "Alex In Wonderland" movie. I have a site "Bekkie In Wonderland" and I like things like that.
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