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George S.
Helps when things get a bit clearer.
Helps when things get a bit clearer.
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I miss the days I could go to a page and find pics of the person and things they did, so, doing. Now I have to scroll through 15 mins of other post before I even see who's page it is.

Perv life has gotten hard in this new share all, repost age. 

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We had good times. Went on some fun adventures. Seen some crazy things. But it's time..... I'm thinking it's time to go. Might have to make this barber shop trip sooner than I thought. 
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Last year this time I had 3 coats on 

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This has me written all over it. Come on +TOYOTA​ make it happen 
In recent years, Toyota's sports car credentials have gathered dust, but the company seeks to reinvigorate its image.

Ankle Cuddles: When it's too hot, typically during the summer season, so conventional cuddling creates a puddle of sticky sweatyness. So instead you sleep apart but just making connections at the ankles. 

Just curious when was "daughter day" established? And by whom if anybody knows? 

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About to have a new summer cruiser to sing way too loud to at the stop light 
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