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We're pleased to announce that Virtuoso 7.2.2 is now available, and
includes various enhancements and bug fixes. Significantly updated
areas include the main Virtuoso Engine; SPARQL functionality; JDBC,
Jena, Sesame, and .NET providers and functionality; the Faceted
Browser; the Conductor; and WebDAV functionality.

New product features as of December 9, 2015, v7.2.2, include:

* Virtuoso Engine
  - Added support for reading bzip2 compressed files
  - Added support for reading xz/lzma compressed files
  - Added optimization for DATE/DATETIME/TIME escapes

  - Added option 3 to RDF_AUDIT_METADATA() which provides self-fixing
    of JSO based system metadata
  - Added new JSO loader with bif_jso_validate_and_pin_batch
  - Added new HTML output options to default /sparql endpoint page

* Jena & Sesame
  - Updated Jena provider to handle mapping of Jena Blank Nodes to
    Virtuoso Blank Nodes

* JDBC Driver
  - Added additional server-side settings
  - Added initial testsuite for handling date values in JDBC provider

* Faceted Browser
  - Added aggregate query optimization for data across named graphs
  - Added support for automatic sponging when no pre-existing data is
    in place for a target document
  - Added using microdata as HTML metadata default instead of RDFa
  - Added missing default privilege GRANTs

* Conductor
  - Added export function for stored private and public keys
  - Added filters to IMAP DET folders
  - Added support for FTP DET
  - Added support for move and copy commands on some DETs
  - Added support for prefix search, lookup, and verification to
    WebDAV/Briefcase Editor
  - Added support for setting file expiration for WebDAV/Briefcase

* WebDAV
  - Added DETs move/copy commands
  - Added IMAP DET filters to WebDAV browser
  - Added last-modified attribute to Documents
  - Added scheduler procedure for expired items
  - Added support for FTP DET

More details of the additions, fixes, and other changes in this
update of both Open Source and Commercial Editions, may be found
here --


Additional Information:

* Virtuoso Commercial Edition

- Home Page

- Download Page

* Virtuoso Open Source Edition

- Development Branch

- Stable Branch

Please enjoy!
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Data Flow is Killing Data Flow!

Post explaining how data silos are leading to reduction in data flow: .

#NoSilo   #DataSilo   #NoSQL   #BigData   #LinkedData   #OpenData   #RDBMS  
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Data & Semantics

A post by about Data and Semantics, in plain language:

#Language   #Data   #BigData   #OpenData   #RDF   #SemanticWeb   #Semantics  
Data & Semantics
Data & Semantics
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Virtuoso meets Hive

Blog post about Virtuoso and HIve (SQL engine atop Hadoop) based on the TPC-H benchmark dataset: .

#Hive   #Hadoop   #BigData   #Virtuoso7   #NoSQL   #RDBMS  #SQL
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Multiple Operating Systems ODBC Driver Special Offer for Microsoft SQL Server

Following the new release of our 7.0 edition ODBC Drivers for SQL Server [1], we have a new time-limited special offer [2].

[1] -- Home Page

[2] -- License Offer Page 

[3] -- Alternative ODBC Drivers for SQL Server Description . 

#ODBC #SQLServer   #SQL   #RDBMS   #JDBC   #Middleware  
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Our new JDBC-ODBC Bridge Drivers for JDBC 4.2 and Java 8 are now available for download, evaluation, and purchase. 

[1] -- Single-Tier Edition

[2] -- Multi-Tier Edition. 

#ODBC   #JDBC   #SQ   #RDBMS  
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New Linked Data Benchmark Council  (LDBC) Web site ( and draft benchmarks available  @   #ldbc #rdf #graphdb #sparql
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Some good news if you've been waiting to order -- we've got several Special Offers available now through the end of June!

You do have to act fast, but the savings can be significant --

+ Virtuoso Special Offers -- Savings range from $750 to $45,000 --

Even more exciting, Virtuoso's Commercial Edition enables you to bring the power of Linked Data (RDF) Views to bear on any of your existing RDBMS data stores, leaving all the data in those existing systems, through simple ODBC connections from Virtuoso -- so we've got Special Offers on most of our Universal Data Access suite, also through the end of June!

+ Single-Tier Special Offers -- Savings range from $350 to $600+ --

+ Multi-Tier Special Offers -- Savings range from $2,500 to $20,000 --

As always, everything is available for immediate download and pre-purchase testing -- and we recommend you do so!

We look forward to hearing from you!
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