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My New Brunswick... Explore The Picture Province

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When the Riverside Consolidated School was opened in 1905, it was considered to be one of the finest schools in the country. 

With modern equipment like four furnaces, a plumbing and ventilation system, as well as courses not available in other schools, including domestic science courses, the school was considered modern by the standards of the day. The new school was quite a change from the one room schoolhouses which the students of the local area had attended in the past.

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Welcome St. John River Brigade to Fredericton. Paddle on!
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St. George's Anglican Church Moncton was the first church broadcast in 1935 on CKCW radio.

At the turn of the century (1800) the Rev. Christopher Milner of Sackville N.B. was zealously engaged in traveling the surrounding areas of Cumberland and Westmorland countries and setting up churches where groups of Anglicans were gathered. …

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One of the unique and best known features of Grand Manan is the ‘Hole in the Wall’ located on the east side of the island.

The largest of the three Fundy Isles, with a population of around 2,500 people, Grand Manan offers visitors an abundance of activities. Whale watching, bird watching, hiking, exploring parks, and scouting out all the lighthouses, to name a few. A…

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Christopher Boultenhouse, his father & brother William, began constructing ships as early as 1824 on the family property at Wood Point NB.

Boultenhouse Heritage Centre, 29 Queens Road in Sackville is a single residence composed of two distinct buildings, a Georgian style house built circa 1790 by the Bulmer family and a Greek revival house, built circa 1840 by Christopher Boultenhouse. The…

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Most residents of Carleton County have noticed and admired the Kirk, a pretty church, situated seven miles below Woodstock.

Over one hundred years have passed since David and Wallace Gibson deeded a parcel of land to James Rankin Sr., James Rankin Jr., David Gibson, George Trafton and Alexander Kearney, Trustees of Saint James Church, in connection with the Church of Scotland…

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Sackville is one of New Brunswick's oldest communities named for George Sackville, a commander of British Forces. It's the home of Mount A.

The picturesque Town of Sackville nestled on the edge of the expansive and fertile Tantramar Marshes is one of New Brunswick’s oldest communities. The Town has a European settlement history dating back nearly 300 years, while aboriginal peoples have used…

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