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reflection post
This year when I started the year I thought that art was going to be difficult because I am not good at drawing. Once we learned what we were going to do I found that we were going to do more then just drawing. Yes, we drew but we learned about the all the ...

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time capsule
My time capsule reflects me because of the things I put in it. I put  my favorite songs and singers in my box because I know I probably will not have the same favorite song when I open the box. Two of my favorite songs I put in my box is the song Rude and S...

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Summer Time
L ate nights with friends, days at the beach, hot sunny days, family vacations, tans, shorts, flip-flops, tank tops and T-shirts is the best time of year. The summer is my favorite time of year to spend with friends and family to go to the beach, to sleep i...

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Fortune Cookie Inspired Book Page
The fortune cookie project was sort of difficult to start. I was not sure what to do with my piece of art. When I started with the colors I thought about colors that remind me of fortune cookies and where they come from and where they were made. On the back...

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Art x 3
This art project was different because it was not just my work but two other people contributed to my work. When I started with the first piece of paper I liked my work and did not want to give it away. When contributing to an art piece that was already sta...

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Pop Print
This project was fun! I picked my item because I liked the way it looked and it stood out to me the most. Carving the stamp was difficult at times but easy at other times. I especially liked printing because printing in all the different colors and putting ...

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Our collection does say something about the times we live in. All the items are a collection of things that mean something to each of us or something we may have had for years. The collection does say somthing about our interests.  For example someone who b...

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pride vs possession
The difference between hoarding and collecting is....collecting is something that people do when things mean something to them for instance if you collect Art you may get a piece of art from every artist that inspires you . Hoarding is when people keep or h...

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Bicycle vs Candy Jar
            Drawing and shading in colored pencil and drawing and shading in graphite pencil were completely different! My bike drawing was done in graphite pencil. It was easy to do because I could show where parts of the bike had light shining on it. I co...

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Candy Jar
    Drawing the candy jar was fun to draw because it had lots of color! Drawing with colored pencils was difficult at times like. Especially when you had to make the jar look like glass and the candy look like it is in the jar and not floating. The process ...
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