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Good info on all kinds of Geek stuff. New posts daily.

Last day off before an extended workweek. So much to do and so little drive to do any of it.

Looks like Google added the Expand and Collapse option a few of us have been asking for. It is much appreciated.

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Reminds me of the day we were going to take over the world with our Commador 64s and Texas Instruments TI-99/4As. Makes me want to pull out some of my old PCs and MACs.

Well crap, games did make it's way to G+. Will be interesting on how intrusive they will be on the Stream. Will the same issues show up like it did on FB.

Gave the Hangout a try. Works great. People just need to get webcams...

Starting to understand G+ more and more now. Will have the opportunity in the next few days to try out a 'Hangout'. That is certainly a better item than FB. I'm sure it won't take long for more people to join up. Still not seeing much from those that are already on, but don't see much from them on FB either.
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