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I teach music.
I teach music.


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Tabletop RPG's are one of my favorite activities and one of my favorite things to do is introduce people to the hobby. Excited to introduce a new group of 7th graders to the genre this weekend!

Here are the pre-gens!

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Game Day! Numenera game from a Pathfinder scenario.

I'm wondering if there is anyone else out there that really struggles with writing their own adventures? Two games ago I ran an adventure from the Core Book (Seedship) and the players loved it and really took their time to explore. The last game session I struggled to create an extension of the Seedship (the group wanted to explore more) and the party blew through it and it didn't seem as fun. This week I'm running this published scenario and I'm very excited.

For those GMs that are not creative writers how do you come up with your adventures? It was interesting listening to +Ali Buck and +Lex Starwalker talk about creative writing backgrounds, but I don't have that.

Hello all,

I'm having a heck of a time coming up with big discoveries to put at the hearts of my labyrinths. Is there a list of ideas or a glimmer somewhere that contains a bunch of them?


Hey Lex,

I've been using the Apple Podcast app for years but their latest update is awful to the point I had to switch (the only reason I can see for this version is to make people not want to use it).

I am currently using Overcast and I really like it so far but I can't find your podcast on there. What platforms are your podcast on?

Also, a few weeks ago, you mentioned that your downloaded listenership is down. I would not be surprised if it has to do with this awful app update.

Keep up the great show!

So a while back I shared a screenshot of my prep-work for a Pathfinder=>Numenera porting of the "Crypt of the Everflame" mini-campaign arc. Well, my party played and it ported great! While I don't think every adventure could transition the same way this one did really easily.

My favorite part was the artifact at the end. Among a number of other interesting aspects (such as an endless supply of gold which is useless in Numenera, but adds to the weird), any PC that touches it immediately hears voices in their head urging them to claim the jewel and plead fealty to some ancient being named Tar-Baphon. In the original this is a curse that can be removed with "remove curse." Well, that doesn't exist in this game and now the PC's will need to search for a cure as their cloned illusionist alchemical nano slips further and further towards insanity.

Happy gaming!

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Because of teaching I haven't been able to spend much time on gaming and absolutely no time on prepping. Spring Break has begun. Let the porting commence!

Pathfinder to Numenera go!

Hey all,

I'm stuck in my porting of a Pathfinder module to Numenera. Mainly I am stuck on treasure. The ultimate goal is a city of untold wealth in the form of stashes and rivers of gold. Really the players will not be able to leave with any of it, which I can explain.

However, as explained in the Numenera Core Rulebook, gold would only be valued for it's beauty and not it's scarcity. Would it still make sense in this setting to have the city be full of gold or should I fill it with something else?

Ultimately, an NPC needs to have a reason to travel to this forgotten and abandoned city for the sole purpose of making money to expand their influence and power.

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More tutorials!

In these videos I set up hidden room information tokens and go over three different ways to put tokens into MapTool, including creating custom tokens.

MapTool Tutorial - 09. Room Information Tokens

MapTool Tutorial - 10.1. Using Tokens from Mapping Packs

MapTool Tutorial - 10.2. Creating Custom Tokens - TokenTool

MapTool Tutorial - 10.3. Creating Custom Tokens - Canva

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MapTool Tutorial - 08. Vision Blocking

While the video is long, most everything you need to know is in the first 9 minutes. Enjoy!

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MapTool Tutorial - 07. Setting up a Map from a PDF or Image File

In this video I actually put a map into MapTool and align the grid.

I also have to apologize, like I do in the video, for my previous videos that had the wrong aspect ratio. This will be fixed from here on out.

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