Saving Leilaka: An Alpha Reader's journey.
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- Caution: Might contain spoilers.

What a Book!

I have to tell you something! I have finished reading the printed SAVING LEILAKA book - as you know, I lingered long over it, taking in little bits at a time, absorbing, digesting (you know the story, eh?) ... and last night I'd reached the last stretch - Chapter 51, page 693 - and as I was reading this last bit, I was sad - not only sad at having reached THE END but also sad because it was = SAD! Everyone saying 'Good Bye' to a Great Man ... and so on! And when I read Habieb's letter, I felt the eyes stinging with tears! Yes, yes, I know .... I'd read all of this before in the Drafted version, but in the quietness of my bedroom, in the comfort of the bed, it just felt so much more profound and meaningful!

Anyway, after I'd reached the final page, read the final word, I put down the book, hugged it close to my chest, and lay there a long time - I felt I needed to let everything settle before going to sleep. It took a really long time before the old heart steadied itself - funny how I noticed the quick beating of the old 'ticker'! Sleep took a while in coming, but finally I dropped off only to dream strange wild dreams ... !
That 'explosion' was quite something! Very descriptive ... to say that I had a heat-wave flowing over and into my body, would be putting it mildly!

A quick remark about the book - it's beautifully written, very exciting, filled with fantastic information - on ALL levels - holds great wisdom, and is simply a WOW story - amazing - awesome, and all other expressions one would use describing the greatness of this book.

One last thing I would like to add before I end --- I wish to echo something that Queen Ariette says to Han - on Page 693 - just before Chapter 50 ends - it's a pretty long passage but it's worth quoting some of it - - - -
Ariette says to Han =
"Just look at the scenario, Han. What are you leaving these people on Leikaka (Earth) with? ------ Everywhere you go, you leave a legacy of information, of training, of other ways of experiencing. You open worlds for individuals as they had never, ever, had the opportunities to experience. ---- You literally re-create wherever you go. You leave some of yourself behind everywhere you have been. ---- you have made an undeniable impact (are still making an undeniable impact!) on us and I thank The Creator that He has sent you to us, and to me (Monkey) so we may experience you." And are still experiencing Han!
I have grossly shortened it - sorry - but I hope you get what I am trying to convey?
A humble thank you to my Beloved +H Gibson!

Bhakta-Anjana :-D
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