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Express Recycling and Sanitation
Express Recycling and Sanitation, LLC is a full service recycling and disposal provider.
Express Recycling and Sanitation, LLC is a full service recycling and disposal provider.

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Metal Recycling Demolition (VIDEO)

Scrap metal being separated and recycled during a house demolition. We service Northern New Jersey.
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Great Barrier Reef Corals Eat Plastic

Microplastics are tiny fragments of plastic in the environment and are a widespread contaminant in marine ecosystems, particularly in inshore coral reefs.
#CoralsEatPlastic   #ScienceDaily   #ExpressSanitationRecycling  

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Tips to Fill Your Dumpster Rental Efficiently

Whether you are doing major home renovations or are moving a large amount of items out of your home that you plant to dispose of, you may need a dumpster rental. 
#DumpsterRental   #ExpressSanitationDumpsters   #DumpsterRentalNJ  

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Dumpster Rental Helps When Remodeling

Dumpster rental is the simplest solution for trash removal during a remodeling project. Community garbage services can be restrictive in terms of construction debris and appliances - renting a dumpster is a convenient alternative that takes the guesswork out of getting rid of junk.
#DumpsterRental   #ExpressSanitationDumpsters   #DumpsterRentalNJ  

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It’s Time to Think e-Cycle

By using certified recyclers, you can rest assured that your old electronics will be recycled responsibly. 
#eCycle   #ExpressSanitationBlog   #DumpsterRentalNJ  

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How to Have a Great Weekend LifeStyleHack #1 (Info-Graphic)

Because it's Friday!! Have a great weekend from all of us here at Express Sanitation.
#GreatWeekend   #ExpressSanitationRecycling   #HappyFriday  

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Demolition Services

Express will knock down and haul away homes, buildings, or any structure Remove and recycle masonry foundations and remove and recycle masonry foundations. We are experts in reducing your disposal costs to save your company money!  
#DemolitionServices   #DumpsterRentalNJ   #ExpressSanitationRecycling  

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Magnitude of Plastic Waste Going Into the Ocean

How much mismanaged plastic waste is making its way from land to ocean has been a decades-long guessing game.
#PlasticWaste   #ExpressSanitationRecycling   #DumpsterRentalNJ  

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Plastic Bag and Film Recycling (Info-Graphic)

Graphic shows rate of increase and growth in markets for recycled polyethylene (PE) plastic.
#Recycling   #ExpressSanitationRecycling   #DumpsterRentalNJ  

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Assessing Your Home’s Energy Efficience

With temperatures below freezing and furnaces across the country working overtime, winter is an ideal time to assess your home’s energy efficiency.
#HomesEnergyEfficience #ExpressSanitationBlog   #DumpsterRentalNJ  
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