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What I seek has not changed, Neither has how I feel, This is not about you and I, Not just us but even more Friendship, you say I say love is the core Love isn't complicated, we are The manifestation of our needs, thoughts and deeds We can choose, but To lo...

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I wish to run To you Not to comfort you To be held and comforted Selfishness drives me to you No doubt! The questions unanswered The questions unasked Linger between us The hope; The bridge will soon be made And we will cross over To this place of serenity ...

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From Pain to Possibilities
To get hurt To feel the pain Wrenching the heart Is to realise your Humanity To remind you that Your vanity was in Vain How to Embrace the hurt, the pain? What matters? The awareness of each experience, The experience of each emotion The realisation There a...

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A journey to the soul..
I yearn for a journey To the souls Explore the depths of Our thoughts and desires The core of our being The light beckons You see only darkness I see the path to my salvation I can see you laugh Silently at my ramblings of passion But rest I will not Until ...

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Democracy of the confounded
What's right what wrong, Who will decide for whom The hand , the sickle or the lotus bloom The common man... Who is she? The majority... Where are they? The voters... What do they do? The country... Is it even true? What choice do I have, Or do you? To be w...

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It's Complicated!!
We both know, What we see when we Look into each other's eyes Nothing's simple Nothing's straight It's not easy to feel what we do And be polite and nice You said you want To be held and never let go To kiss and be It took my soul all its strength To contai...

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Loss of nothing
That feeling That grows on you like, The mould on the bread, The moss on the wall The havoc of a storm It creeps in unnoticed Benign and needy Until it strikes you in core And puts you down The feeling of loss When there was nothing to be lost...

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She lay there staring at the darkness above A torn body, the mind in shreds Unwilling to get up, She felt nothing within Nothing but darkness Her rage was impotent Her fire was gone Burnt In the blaze of power Unwilling to fight The battle that was Without ...

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Knowledge, Love, Purpose
Reading this book ..this short story by O V Vijayan- the infinity of grace Three things cameto me while reading a particular line "..I never realised till now what a burden books are. A burden of purposeless knowledge." There is a context here definitely wh...

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Are you superstitious or religious?
Religion and superstition, how do we draw the distinction? If
start thinking about it then if you have ‘faith’ then would it not be hypocritical
to look at your faith as more  ‘rational’
than someone else’s faith just because they do not appeal to your sens...
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