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Allsocks is a socks brand
Allsocks is a socks brand


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Learn How to Make a Fashion Statement With Your Socks

AllSocks Twitter Class.

There is something quite trendy in men’s fashion today. It’s the style for coloured socks. #Allsocks
Many have been asking; “must your socks match the colour of your shoe, socks, neck wear, shirt or other piece of dress.” #Allsocks
Well, the truth is wearing coloured socks require a little care. Once care is taken you are good to rock the coloured socks. #Allsocks

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Merry Christmas to all our esteem customers and active followers, as part of our Christmas give away plan, we are running 20% sales on our website to be a part of it follow the steps below. 

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Step8: to access #omojuwagiveaway, type in “OMOJUWA” (in CAPS) into the coupon box and click on apply, 20% of your cart cost would be taking off.

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Step11: filling your billing address and your shipping address
Ship address is where you want your products delivered

Step12: pick your payment option, we offer 3 payment platform, cash on delivery (in Lagos), voguepay and direct bank transfer

Step 13: done
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Mega sales on all our socks on, we deliver nationwide.
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Reasons Why You Wear Socks –@Allsocks_
Socks is a small piece of clothing which can easily be forgotten and its importance cannot be over emphasized. Often times we wear socks for the sake of wearing socks, not knowing the importance of wearing them.  Wearing socks is as important as wearing your shoe,socks always affect the comfort and fit of shoes - their thickness, cushioning and sweat-fighting capabilities are best exemplified in the non-cotton varieties.

They also provide friction between the leg and the shoe thereby saving the leg from having blisters and at the same time giving the shoe a longer life spam.

 They are one of the numerous accessories currently in vogue, today, many now make a fashion statement with their socks, by wearing different designs of socks from the polka dots, to the striped, pattern and the bright and colorful socks.

The kind or type of socks you wear says a lot about you, one could easily tell the nature of your job or your working environment by the type of socks you wear; plainly following the “socks rule” says you work in a serious and strict environment or wearing a polka dot, striped, colorful socks says you work in free and friendly environment.
There are different types of socks, work socks, winter socks, formal wear socks, sport socks etc.

Allsocks has been offering tips to educate people/guys on how to style with their socks and the type/kind of socks to wear for different occasions, how to maintain your socks and most importantly the health benefit of socks; this they have achieved through the use of social media such as,,, BBM channel: Allsocks or C00298978. Website

In other to serve you better with our products and services, we have put together a short survey to help us serve you well, Just follow the link below.

You can also get our products on

@allsocks_ on Twitter.
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Pantyhose (Pop Socks)

Pantyhose(pop socks)are sheer,close-fitting legwear,covering the wearer's body from the waist to the feet.

Pantyhose are usually made of nylon,or other fabrics blended with nylon. 
Pantyhose are designed to
•be attractive in appearance
•ease the chafing between the foot and the footwear,or between the thighs
•keep the legs and feet warm
•hide physical imperfections such as blemishes,bruises,scars

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Colours of socks every Man should have

Socks is one of the many accessories which is used to make a fashion statement nowadays, regardless of the day to day "socks rules",has guy now wear different colours of socks.

However they are four basic colours of socks every man should have in their socks collections, they are:

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It is common knowledge that you can tell a lot about a man by their shoes — especially if they are flesh-coloured nine-inch Louboutin heels. In the bend of the leather, the gleam of the polish, the fray of the laces, you will find the rough cut of a man. But you must look to the socks if you want to fill in the details.

In astrological terms, the shoe is the sun sign — providing you with the basic contours of a personality — and the sock is the moon sign, revealing the inner life. For there is a world of difference between a pair of lovely old brogues matched with a subtle Paul Smith stripe and a pair worn with a sinister pair of white sports socks, jaundiced with sweat, slumping around the ankles because the elastic is spent.

According to a recent survey the colour is all-important. Red socks are apparently worn by “would-be Casanovas and politicians”. Actually, I tend to see red socks as the trainer-bra version of wearing red trousers — the mark of a junior posho. Yellow socks? “Attention-seekers and office jokers.” Day-Glo? “Cyclists, and nobody over the age of 11.”

Personally, I favour a blue cotton sock, which means I am just about trustworthy: “You can certainly trust a blue sock-wearer with your life but with the nagging doubt that they don’t quite have the confidence to wear black,” says Hall. Clearly nonsense — it takes no imagination to wear black.

Navy blue is the colour for Peter York, the noted style conservative. “I’ve been thinking about socks very deeply, oddly enough,” he says. He only buys one kind of sock: ribbed, full-length, in either cotton or wool, according to season, “without any pattern or emblazonment at all. Sadly, it’s becoming rather difficult to get them these days.”

As important as the shade, the counsels, is the cut and the material. “Black looks better in proper wool than in polyester, and it also looks better if it is configured on a proper loom. Bad socks make people look silly — they really do.” And the worst of all sock crimes? “Short socks. If you’ve got short ones and a silly pattern, then you look a complete idiot. Any trace of authority disappears.”

“We do quite bright socks. I like the idea of them matching with something slightly unexpected in an outfit, like a cufflink. At the moment I’m wearing a navy sock with a thin burgundy stripe to match my burgundy tie. It ties the whole outfit together.”
There is one common point. White is bad, favoured by criminals and commercial radio 

DJs. “White socks are also the tell-tale sign of the gym-goer who is too lazy to get changed after a workout,” says Mark Hall. “Avoid white-sockers — they are up to no good”.
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The beauty of polka dot socks

Wearing a polka dot socks is currently one of the norms in vogue,due to colour bloging. Other than colour bloging, wearing polka dot socks enables you to match your socks with other colour of your clothing other than your paint. When wearing your polka dot socks try as much as possible to make sure the background matches with your pant.
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How to arrange your socks
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Wearing bright coloured socks

There’s absolutely a place in men’s style for colored socks that do not match the trousers. It requires a little more care, because it’s not a simple, neutral choice, but if you take that care it can look great. Ma...tching your socks with shoes, socks, and neckwear or other piece of your dress apart from your trouser has a 100 years history and can help liven up an otherwise dull outfit.

First – When Not to Wear Bright Socks
Wearing a coloured or bright socks is making a bold statement, almost a challenge. The business suit with colored socks gives a look that says “Yes, I know the rules, and I’m confident enough to break it", we warn strictly if your company has a strict working structure,like banks,hospital etc do not wear coloured socks to work. And also do not wear colourful socks to business meetings.

When to Wear Bright Socks
Now that we know when not to wear bright coloured socks.
If you’re not in a suit-and-tie formality sort of situation, you generally have the option of wearing coloured socks if you want to.
It has to be done right you cannot just throw them on with anything,there are usually ways to make it work.

Rules for Wearing Brightly Coloured Socks

Remember the reason for the “rule” about matching socks to trousers: it’s neutral.
Socks that don’t match the trousers, by definition, are not neutral. They’re a contrast, whether you planned it or not.

1. When in doubt, go classic
If you’re just getting started breaking out of the matching trousers/socks mold, cut your teeth on some traditional patterns.
These liven things up a bit, but are still usually two- or three-tone at the most, and generally not too radically coloured.

2. Coordinate with the Rest of the Outfit
Keep in mind that “coordinate” doesn’t mean “match” — your socks don’t have to be the same exact colour as any other piece of clothing on your body.
But it is nice if there’s some natural sympathy, so be thinking in terms of colours that work well together. It always looks good if your socks fit into the same general theme as the rest of your outfit.
That can be as simple as picking out one of the colors from your shirt or jacket pattern, and wearing socks in a similar shade. It doesn’t even have to be something that people consciously notice as coordination — their eyes will see it as a “good match” even if they don’t think about it themselves.

3. Be Aware of Your Contrast Levels
“Contrast” is the change from one adjacent colour to the next. We all have some contrast, both in our natural complexion and in our outfits.
Broadly speaking, you want roughly the same amount of contrast throughout your whole appearance. That means that if your upper half is very subtle and low-contrast a jacket in the same color but a slightly different shade as the shirt under it, say you don’t want eye-popping colour changes on the lower half.
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