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Snyder's of Hanover Pretzel Pieces Jalapeño
Well, we seem to have tried a good number of Pretzel Piece flavours lately and they've all been very tasty. And extremely crunchy. This flavour  is just as broken up as ever (no surprise there) and has a strong taste of jalapeño peppers. Which I didn't used...

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Tesco Sour Cream & Chive Snack Mix
The reluctant taste testers were talking the other day about how they often prefer a crispy snack that tastes bland rather than strong or complicated and this crispy snack from Mr Tesco covers the bland front well. And although many of these moon- and star-...

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Snyder's of Hanover Pretzel Pieces Cheddar Cheese
So, having enjoyed the Honey Mustard and Onion flavour Pretzel Pieces such a lot, the reluctant taste testers were keen to try another flavour and here we have the Cheddar Cheese. Which we really liked a lot. Pretzel Pieces have a mighty crunch which works ...

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TGI Fridays Potato Skins Snacks Cheddar & Bacon
Here's another crispy snack from the USA. But it's not a potato skin. It is, I suppose, a advertised quite small on the front of the packet, a potato skins snack; snack being the operative word.  I was interested to see how TGI Fridays would produce a crisp...

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Funyuns Onion Flavoured Rings
Here's another little packet of crisps you can't really buy in the UK. Another corn snack, this time supposed to be ring shaped, although (and possibly because they're imported from the United States and then posted to me) there were quite a lot of breakage...

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Andy Capp's Cheddar Fries
This is weird. I never liked the Andy Capp cartoon strip which appeared in the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror. It's a cartoon about a working class skiver who never actually seems to work. He lives in Hartlepool which is in the North of England, and somehow...

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Exotic Packaging: Crabtree & Evelyn Tea Rose & Glycerine Soap
More Than Yesterday Less than Tomorrow For some reason the french text does not mention that this soap was heart-shaped. I remember it well from 1975. A great big red heart.

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Herr's Deep Dish Pizza Flavoured Cheese Curls
This was a very tiny packet of cheese curls from Herr's. Only 1 oz (28.4g). Which doesn't give you many snacks as these cheese curls are very big (and not at all curly). Not at all curly but extremely tasty. I really liked these. Yum! A proper pizza taste w...

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Snyder's of Hanover, Pretzel Pieces, Homey Mustard & Onion
I picked up this little packet of Pretzel Pieces in the local Turkish shop. They sell an interesting selection of crispy snacks. I've got say Pretzel Pieces are not a prepossessing looking snack. I mean, bits of pretzel apparently hit with a large hammer......

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A Little Bit of Chocolate Does You Good: Gin & Tonic Truffles
I got a little box of truffles for Christmas. Gin & Tonic flavour. Gin & Tonic? Really? Really. Only I don't really think they taste of gin & tonic. The outer shell of these truffles is white as you see, and quite thick. The inner truffle is milk chocolate....
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