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Monomasa Tomatillo Salsa
Monomasa do have the nicest designs I really like the way they make a fancy pattern from the ingredients. So I guess what we are looking at here is a tasteful arrangement of Peruvian Amarillo Chillies, some green Mexican tomatoes, and a sprinkling of Quinoa...

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Little Square cheesy biscuits. Not super exciting we thought  but fairly OK.  I'm sure I have heard of Cheese-Its and I was hoping for more exciting stuff. But as Slightly Red Haired Bristolian said, these are kind of like mini cheddars only not so much. Fo...

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Walkers Bacon & Tomato Ketchup
These crisps are supposedly made with Heinz Tomato ketchup and I have to say I'm not that madly impressed. The ketchup flavour is basically more of a vinegar flavour than ketchup and I would never have guessed it was Heinz. It reminds me of that almost clea...

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Dinafood Cheetoz Crunchy Snacks Cheese
Regular readers will have noticed I haven't had much to say recently. Unfortunately I haven't been very well and not fancying my food much. And if you don't fancy your food you can't taste test crispy snacks much less write about them. But lucky for me I ha...

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Seabrook Lattice Food Heroes Steak & Ale
And another packet of Seabrook crisps bought for the delectation and delight of the reluctant taste testers by Noble Friend. The Food Heroes in this case are Black Sheep brewery; a new brewery started by Paul Theakston using 6 generations of experience, and...

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A Little Bit of Chocolate Does You Good: Nestlé Rolo
When was this chocolate bar invented? Rolos used to be individual chocolates filled with lovely soft gooey toffee and sold in a paper covered tube. Delicious. I just discovered this bar of chocolate which is basically a bar of not individual chocolates.... ...

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Ehrman Tapestry Sale Catalogue Spring 2012
I really love the rhubarb kit shown here. Can't think why I didn't buy it.... except I have a drawer, a large drawer full of kits I haven't begun yet. And quite a few I have begun but have never yet finished.

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Seabrook Lattice Food Heroes Three Little Pigs Chorizo
And another exciting flavour from Seabrooks. Oh dear I really don't like chorizo very much. I just adore salamis and eat them all the time, as often as possible, but chorizo really isn't for me; it's far too oily. And I am not convinced that chorizo works a...

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Elizabeth Bradley postcard
A pretty little postcard from Elizabeth Bradley.

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Herr's Buffalo Blue Cheese
Oven baked with real CHEESE  screams the packet, and you can certainly taste the blue cheese in this spicy, bright orange crispy maize-based snack. Very crispy, very orange and very strong tasting. Nothing subtle here. I don't really pick the buffalo flavou...
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