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Get more global exposure for your brand/book/business by JOINING our network of Community Consultants @ https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/join-foundation-national-crusade-come-us-2-campaign-butler-ph-d-?trk=pulse_spock-articles

OPPORTUNITY 1: MENTAL HEALTH COMMUNITY CONSULTANT(S) SEARCH: If you are a mental health professional or community agency please see how you can become a Clinical Community Consultant @ http://www.jbeadfoundation.org/Community-mental-health.html.

Community Outreach: If you are a licensed mental health professional (i.e. Psychiatrist, Psychologist, MFT, LCSW, etc.), Primary Care Doctor or Community Agency that's seeking an opportunity to expand your individual/company brand reach please contact us to discuss details for listing on this page as a valuable community resource @ jbutler40560@gmail.com.

OPPORTUNITY 2: LEGAL SHIELD: JBead Foundation is building a global marketing team and I would like to invite you and your community friends to join this powerful journey and professional opportunity.

We are looking for some good people to partner with to EARN unlimited income while you help your community friends and others gain access to our legal services and much, much more.

Please watch our VIDEO LIBRARY and tell US what you think @ https://plus.google.com/100563025332264552364/posts/WNecjzL4Z7f

The videos explain exactly how and why Legal Shield is changing the legal industry. I think it also does a really good job outlining exactly what it could mean to you from a financial and time freedom perspective.

Please forward this message to your community friends SO they can start building their team of Legal Shield Associates & Plan Members.

Thanks and we look forward to you and your community friends coming aboard.

Jeffery Butler, Ph.D., CEO
Legal Shield Independent Associate

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