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Hi Chris,
Based on the timeline and legal language.This looks more like an attempt by them to thwart industrial espionage than to stop you folks. Do you happen to know if any of the "public" who wanted to show up were people working for other solar firms?

On a more basic level, the BLM probably needs to think about land access issues with relation to solar, because unlike wind or oil, the installations have a much large ground footprint.
Also, are these PV or thermal installations?  I would expect the latter to be much more uptight about photos, from an industrial engineering POV.
Other than myself, the excluded were one videographer working on a desert solar film project, a Native activist from Blythe, Tom Budlong and Basin and Range Watch (mentioned in the piece) and the California Desert Field Rep for a national enviro group. 
And genesis is a solar trough thermal plant, or will be. 
Put out a pressie stating that due to your inability to go on the trip, you will be renting a helicopter to get aerial shots of the installation.  That should get you back on the guest list pretty quick.
When I was exploration drilling, the farmer's wife was in the air most days keeping an eye on us from 10,000 feet in between cattle spotting runs.  Dunno how much extra A-1 she chewed through, but it kept us honest.  Do you know silicon valley nerds with web-cam quad copters?  That's the cheap version if y'all are cash-strapped.
I am strictly against taking the land.
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