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Triggering a Client Cache Refresh
More and more web sites are using a single page web style architecture.  This means there is a bunch of static resources (aka assets) including: JS CSS HTML templates Images ... all residing in the client's browser.  For performance reasons, the static cont...

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Why Agile can fail?
Most Development teams now claim they are doing Agile and are usually doing some variant of Scrum.  In this blog post I propose three reasons why teams can struggle with Scrum or any form Agile development. And conveniently they all begin with R . Requireme...

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Agile Databases
Any project following an Agile methodology will usually find itself releasing to production
at least 15 - 20 times per year. If only half of these releases involve database changes then
you need a good lean process to handle this all. You need a good pap...

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Immutable pointers - a pattern for modular design to help achieve microservices
Modular design has a lot of benefits, including: making it easier to predict the impacts from a change helping developers work in parallel But, it is much much much harder than people think.  For a start, the abstractions have to be at the right level.  Too...

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Requirements in an Agile World
On a recent project, there was a pain point where Stories were ending up with developers with
unclear requirements. Time was then spent trying to clarify the missing pieces during meaning less time to write great code and putting developers under more pres...

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Book Review: Build Microservices
The architectural idea of microservices was inspired - in part - by Unix's philosophy of code being short, simple, clear, modular, extendable and
that it could be repurposed by developers. The term is currently up there with Internet of Things, Big Data a...

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Fail Safe / Fail Fast
When developing a rapid prototype it can make sense to put the emphasis on the ' happy path ' and not consider things like exception handling, edge cases and failure.  Perhaps, once the prototype phase of the project is over the code will be thrown out or i...

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Developer Productivity
Recently I gave a presentation  regarding developer productivity - something that has always interested me.  Generally, when a system get out of control with spiralling technical debt and software entropy it becomes impossible to make changes or add new fun...

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Custom User types in GORM
Recently, I wanted to model a Merchant which like many things in a domain model had an Address.
I thought it made sense that the Address was embedded inside the Merchant. Reasons: It had no lifecycle outside the Merchant. Merchant dies so should the addre...

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Book Review: Cloud Based Architectures
Migrating to Cloud-Native Application Architectures, Matt Stine. In the last few years, it can be very easy to believe marketing departments simply aren’t paid unless they use the word "Cloud" as often as possible.  Its usage has become so ubiquitous that i...
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