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It's not often that video games require a peripheral that can cost several hundred dollars, but this game requires a guitar to play. Despite all that, this game (and a guitar) are on my wish list.

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"Cancer loves Glenn Beck and it hates Nachos."
I have a Goatee, do I have to shave the chin part to qualify for this awesome offer from

Anything happening here yet?


I'll be over at FB if you need me. I'll check back in a week.

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Pretty cool.
Pretty stunning to see. Extracted from by Micaël Reynaud

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Does the mainstream media just seem like a bunch of talking heads to you? Check out what my buddy Jerry Wang did with some clips from the Conan O'Brien Show.

Multiple news sources ran the EXACT SAME copy - like they were reading off of a press release:

"Conan O'Brien maybe about to push the envelope on latenight televison."

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Check out the new G+ page I made for Pope Productions.

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Los Angeles Angels Baseball: 5 Players Jerry DiPoto Should Target Immediately

Is there such a thing as networking etiquette? How long should you talk to somebody at a networking event? Should you talk only to one person to the exclusion of everybody else in the room?

I ask because I went to a networking event tonight, and I wanted to speak with a specific person, but they were talking to somebody else. I waited because I thought it would be rude to interrupt, and I stood nearby waiting for my turn. The person I wished to speak with got caught up in the conversation which went on for at least 10 minutes. I don't know how long it went, because I gave up and decided to speak with somebody rather than nobody. What should I have done differently?

Does anybody still play #doomtown?

I do want to know the answer, but I'm also just trying the #hashtag feature.
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