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Jessica Mesick
Palliative nurse, eclectic hedonist, educator, and rational humanist witch.
Palliative nurse, eclectic hedonist, educator, and rational humanist witch.

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Hey, all! If anyone knows of someone looking for a room to rent who can handle stairs and pets and might be compatible with my household, please let me know? Or just send them my way? All other details like timing and rent are super negotiable.

Not Your Mom's Cleaning is open for business effective immediately. No job too small, no job too large. Spread the word!

Anyone off the redline want to do lunch in the next half hour?

Time for an order to Lush! As +Sarah Twichell  noted, ordering from the UK is way cheaper. Message me here or privately if you want in.

Hey, do any of you crafty people have about 150 grams of natural fiber, super soft, dk/worsted/aran weight yarn, in a purple/green/burgundy/chocolate colorway that I might have for love or money? (Read those slashes as "or" rather than "and".)

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So, any one want me to pick up a couple?

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Me: there is a cheap gas station off this exit.
Mom: drives past exit.
Me: ...
Mom: there wasn't a sign for a gas station!

You know those "care of introvert/extrovert " posts? Anyone know of a good one for people on the night shift?

Hey, humans! I accidently ordered doubles of the following from Bulk Apothecary. Let me know if you're interested in them.
Lemon (5 fold) Essential Oil
(Size: .5 oz - $2.80)
Rosemary (Spanish) Essential Oil
(Size: .5 oz - $3.59)
Lavender Essential Oils
(Size: .5 oz of Lavender (Spanish) - $3.79)
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