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my life is pretty much arign open book sometimes i feel like i;m never going to be normal.i don;t use to cope with life but i;ve been down this road many a time some people may feel like its useless and so am i but i keep trying.My biggest fan .... my son is  really gone it still feels like a dream im waiting to wake up from my daughter hates me she has a right to be angry and to her life i know somebody know what its like to be a f...up it seem everytime JESUS puts my life together i find a way to mess it up now there's nothing i can do he's really gone.trying to stay clean and sober is all i have left.One day at time while my daughter, ex and ex in laws hurt everyday.I haven't been there for no one i find it hard to be there for myself. But giving up is not an option no not looking for forgiviness trying to live instead of exist. Besides they have each other and i only had my son whom believe and love me i didnt deserve him i miss everyday I pray he forgives me and to make him proud i'm his mother.
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